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I’m new to the blogging world. I just started a Twitter account, too. http://twitter.com/#!/JenniferBielman I have read too much and have learned too many great tips on writing to not share my knowledge with the rest of the world. After graduating from the University of Redlands, I had this need to read for fun. I wouldn’t allow myself to read recreationally while in college because I knew what would happen. When I get into a book, I am lost to the rest of the world. So I finally got to indulge myself after graduating. I might have gone a little overboard though. I started reading three to four books a week. I didn’t get much sleep. Only passed out three times from exhaustion. Good times.

After my need had settled down some, I finally started getting six hours a sleep per night and only read two books a week. This pattern still continues.

But as I was indulging myself with hundreds of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels (I read other genres but these are my favorites) I started to get the writing bug. As I read, I would always think of the things I would change in a book to make it more appealing. How I would of written the protagonist. How I would have ended the novel.

So during my nights of staring into the never-ending abyss that lived behind my eyelids, (I have insomnia, my brain apparently thinks it’s funny to never shut off) I started creating my own story in my head. After about two months of mentally adding onto my story every night, I realized I had to write it down. So being the obsessive and anal person I am, I researched everything there was about becoming a writer. I did better this time, I only passed out twice during my late night-early morning hours of research. Solid improvement.

So I finally started writing this story as best as I could. But along the way I began joining and attending writing events. First was the Inland Empires California Writers Club http://www.angelfire.com/amiga/iecwc/, where I met amazing published and unpublished writers who have great insights on the writing world. I even attended some writing classes taught by members. Then I started attending the many events that had authors and publishers teach me the fine art of “doing it right” when it came to writing a novel and getting it published. I didn’t pass out at these events, yay me.

Finally I found a critique group run by a published author. This was what really changed me for the better. I started to learn the many technical parts of writing that every writer needs to know.

Currently, I am attending the Inlandia Ontario and Riverside workshops that start September 28th. http://inlandiajournal.org/workshop/  I figure you can never have too much knowledge, so you will often see me at these sort of events.

I am still working on my book, so I am not published. I have no insight based on a published writer’s experience, but I have learned a lot over the years, and I hope my knowledge can help any other writers that hope to be published one day.

Join my blog if you also want book suggestions and reviews in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres.

Can’t wait to get started.


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