I Do What I Want #40: Smacking Biotches!

Posted October 24th, 2017 in I Do What I Want, My Features / 7 comments

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Sometimes I just want to talk about random crap. No theme, no rules, just…whatever. That’s where I Do What I Want posts come in. This is where I…well, do whatever the hell I want. Enjoy…and be very afraid.

Okay, so I am back from vacation. Best vacation ever, but that’s a different post. I also have a blog birthday to celebrate, but, again, a different post. This post is going to be super whiny and judgmental. ­čÖé

I am not in the mood for happy posts right now. I’m in the mood for┬ásmacking bitches.

I wonder, do you think people know when they are bad people? Are they aware that their actions are not that of a decent human being? I know, super judgmental on my part. Who’s to say if a person is bad or not? Whatever.

When someone treats me like shit, which has been quite often lately, I honesty wonder if they know what their doing is hurting another human being or if they feel self-righteous in their badness. Somehow they must┬ájustify their actions because if they didn’t, then they would be leaning towards evil. Just sayin’.

The thing that boggles the mind even more is when people believe in their own lies. Blatant, obvious lies that most people (the smart ones) see through. I think if you repeat a lie enough, you start believing in it. Or some bitches are just bitches for bitching sake.

I find it even harder to take the abuse from someone┬áthat is suppose to have┬áhigh moral standards.┬áEven so, don’t most people want to be a decent person? At least for karma’s sake?

I guess I can only view this world through my eyes and my experiences. I am all about ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’. But I guess not everyone can be as awesome as me. *snickers*

Oh, I’m in a shitty mood, in case you couldn’t tell. ­čśÇ

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7 Responses to “I Do What I Want #40: Smacking Biotches!”

  1. kindlemom1

    I honestly do think when it comes to lies, they really do start to believe them themselves after awhile. I think their reality gets skewed (I say this from experience of being a compulsive liar) and they can’t see the falsehoods from the truth anymore.
    As for do they know they are being mean? I don’t know, I would like to think so but I do think there are some people out there that enjoy hurting others regardless of how awful that is. I’m so sorry you are dealing with people like that. It is so draining and horrible to put up with. I do wish more people in this world would follow the golden rules. Life would be so much happier and simpler wouldn’t it? *hugs*

  2. Nathan

    I m glad you had a good vacation. I am sorry you are dealing with people who are treating you horribly. They may be just using you as an out let for their own shit they can’t take in their own lives, or maybe they do feel justified when they are not. The world would be a better place if everyone followed your advice of treating others how we ourselves want to be treated.

  3. Christy LoveOfBooks

    Which bitch do I need to smack? I think a lot of people lack self-awareness. I know when I’m being a bitch and own that shit, but I can remember some times I didn’t even realize it until later. But there are people who are dicks because that’s their personality. Tell them to fuck off. ­čśÇ

  4. Olivia

    Man I’m sorry to know you were feeling so angry! I really don’t get it how some people are really dumb enough to believe their own lies sometimes as well… it completely baffles me. I feel like some people just need more common sense? Or just need to try and be a bit less ignorant? But then again, I also think it’s hard to know what’s really going on in someone else’s head…

  5. herding cats

    You pretty much described mainstream media as far as repeating lies to themselves enough. lol There are a lot of crap people out there who have been taught to do and say whatever they want and if anyone judges them they’re in the wrong no matter what they’ve done. So, no, I don’t think many know or realize how horrid they are. They’ve been conditioned to believe what they want afterall.

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