Tell Me…Are You Self-Aware?

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Tell Me…Are You Self-Aware?

Are you self-aware enough to know when you are wrong? Can you put yourself in other peoples’ shoes? Can you look at something from all POVs instead of thinking your POV is the right one automatically?

I ask this because I feel like self-awareness is a novel idea these days. I have met one person in my life who was self-aware (besides myself, of course, since I am awesome in every way *wink wink*). They admitted to their faults and knew they could be wrong once in a while. They didn’t try to change who they were, they just knew they weren’t perfect. They let logic guide them as much as possible.

I know my faults. I know I’m not always right. But it seems like almost all the people around me these days are the extreme opposite. They are never wrong. They only see how things affect them, damn everyone else. Their opinion/decision is non-wavering, no matter the logic pointing them in a different direction.

I have no specific reason for talking about this except that I am just over those kind of people. It’s hard to be around people were it’s always your fault, never theirs. It’s exhausting. Especially in the business world.

Then again, maybe it’s impossible to know if we are self-aware or not and we are all doomed.

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6 Responses to “Tell Me…Are You Self-Aware?”

  1. Lover Of Romance

    I actually try to be self aware as much as possible. I am far from perfect and I try to be understanding but I do make mistakes and always striving to improve myself and be better.

  2. Christy LoveOfBooks

    I am, but it’s something that I’ve worked on over the years and came with getting older. I’m not perfect … HAHAHA Kidding … I am sooooo perfect. lol. No, but seriously, I’m good at catching myself and working through it.

  3. Melissa

    I feel you. I think it sort of also goes hand in hand with personality. Some people seem to be always talking (usually about themselves) and they are never wrong. An then their are the quiet listeners who I think because they listen are able to see other perspectives, but then end up being doormats.

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