Stacking The Shelves #20 / I’m a Best Giveaway Blog Nominee

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I have exciting news. My blog was nominated for the Best Giveaway Blog for Book Blogger Twitter Con 2013 through Parajunkee. Yaaaay! I am so honored and excited. Thank you all for making this possible. I try hard to provide giveaways on my blog at least once or twice a week. I keep an eye out for great books that would appeal to my readers. It makes me so happy to know that these giveaways mean so much to everyone. I would be forever grateful if you would vote for me for Best Giveaway Blog. Here is the link:
Or just click the picture above to be taken to the voting website
Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.

I got a great haul this week. I won these two books, Timepiece and Hourglass, in a giveaway but I can’t find where. Sorry, fellow blogger, for not mentioning you. But thank you for the awesome giveaway.

I also won a signed copy of Everbound with a bookmark. Thanks so much to Jenna at Making The Grade
I got this in the mail today. Level 2 was signed and the magnet and bookcard are awesome pluses.
The publisher contacted me to review this book. Adapting Eden is actually book two of the series. The first book, Revealing Eden, has become notorious to say the least. I read it and enjoyed the story but did notice that it could be interpreted as racist. But I couldn’t turn down the chance to see if the second book rectified the many complaints everyone had for book one. When people hate a book/series so much, I have to see it for myself.

I also got the ebook Sunset Rising from Sarah Elizabeth’s Bookshelf for being the Commenter of the Month

Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern


Have you read any of these books before? Which one should I read first?

Stacking the Shelves

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48 Responses to “Stacking The Shelves #20 / I’m a Best Giveaway Blog Nominee”

  1. Jaz

    Woah signed copies of both Everbound and Level 2, lucky!

    I keep putting off Level 2 (it’s sitting on my bookshelf) and Everneath. I’ve heard really good things about Everneath though, and even better things about Everbound.


  2. Ashley

    Congrats on being nominated Jennifer!! I totally voted for you already. 🙂 Fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see what you think of Level 2. I haven’t read it yet but I always thought it sounded like such a cool idea.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth

    Yay! Great haul this week! Congrats on your nomination too!
    The only one of these that I’ve read is Level 2 but I really want to read everbound too! ☺

  4. Shelley Romano

    It’s wonderful to see that you were nominated! I was hoping for a category like oldest blogger still blogging! :O) Seriously, though, great job!

  5. Jessica@a GREAT read

    OOh yay! Congrats on the nomination! I was surprised when I saw that I was nominated too! Totally didn’t see that coming!

    And yay! Signed books! Happy Reading!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower 🙂

  6. Chapter by Chapter

    Congrats on the nomination! You got some very awesome books this week! And lots of signed pretties! The Myra McEntire books were really great. Enjoy all that you got this week. Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

    MaryAnn | Chapter by Chapter
    Our STS this week

  7. Lizzy

    Oh, the notorious Victoria Foyt. I hope to God that she learned from her mistakes after Rwvealing Eden.

    Great haul and love all the signed books. 🙂

  8. quinnsbooknook

    Signed books are so exciting! I’ve read Hourglass and really liked it. I still need to read Timepiece though. I definitely want to get to it.

    Enjoy your goodies. Happy reading 🙂

  9. kimbacaffeinate

    Congrats cupcake, i was nominated for Overachiever(hehehe). I am jelly of your signed copy of Everbound!!! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. My book haul will appear on my Sunday Post tomorrow.

  10. KtTurner

    Congratulations on the nominations. You have a fantastic haul this week. So many signed awesomeness. I haven’t read any books by Myra McEntire, love the covers. I won a copy of Level 2 as well, can’t wait to read it. Adapting Eden, I can’t wait to read it to see where Victoria goes with Eden’s story. I really enjoyed book 1, but it seems to be so controversial. Anyway, can’t wait to read your thoughts. Have fun reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

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