Stacking the Shelves #164: Fire Touched

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cover fire touched by patricia briggs cover siren's song by mary weber

I’ve never seen a Patricia Brigg’s book on NetGalley before. Even though I am a couple books behind on this series, I am reading Fire Touched right away. It’s been so long! Siren’s Song is the third book of a series. I read the fist book but held off on the second until this one came out. The covers are just stunning.

cover walk the edge by katie mcgarry cover sin & suffer by pepper winters

Any time I get a Katie McGarry book I get all tingly. Walk the Edge is the second book of the series, but luckily I have the first one. Sin & Suffer is another middle book in a series but I don’t give a damn that I don’t have the first one. Pepper Winters is just too awesome to pass up.

cover in place of never by julie lindsey

In Place of Never may be too much drama for me but I gotta try it.

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of the ones I got?

My Week

I had a decent week. A little stressful. I just saw 13 Hours. Wow, what a powerful yet frustrating movie. I would recommend it. About 20 minutes ago I found out I made a really bad decision a couple days ago and I am pretty broken up about it. I am trying to get over that right now so I honestly don’t even know what else to write.

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27 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves #164: Fire Touched”

  1. chucklesthescot

    There are a few upcoming releases like Patricia Briggs that I’m excited for but I have to wait for the paperback editions which are sometimes months later! Ugh! Ah well, not as if I’ll be running out of books anytime soon…! Enjoy your books!

  2. Rachel Lightwood

    I loved that you request sequels before you’ve read the previous book! I’ve done that too many times to count but I thought I was nutters to do that – so glad that I’m not the only one. If anything it pushes me to read that series quicker than I probably would have anyway… so I like to think of it as a good investment!

    And I have Nowhere But Here to read too so I need to get to that asap, before that sequel is released!

    • Nathan

      I have started several good series not realizing they where the second or eighth book in a series. While I try to start a series on the first book, sometimes its good to start in the middle. I started the Chicagoland vampire novels by Chloe Neil on the eighth book and I am not sure whether I would have continued with the series or not if I had started at the first book.
      As it is I just finished reading Biting Cold of the Chicagoland vampire series and picked up Collision Course for something new from the library.

      • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

        Hmm, starting Chicagoland Vampires in the middle, eh? Not sure how I feel about that one, lol. The first book is the best book.

        • Nathan

          While I liked the first book, Bitting Bad seemed better to me. I read a bit about a vampire girl who was good with a katana, and was sold. With that how can you go wrong? It turned out to be part of a series, which I now mean to read completely. Just for the record, it was my first vampire book ever. Before that I had never come across vampires who where not just blood-sucking villains. I know better now.

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      LOL, I know your not suppose to but who the hell cares about ‘suppose tos’? Not me!

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I had a big choice to make a couple days ago and I found out I made the wrong decision. Nothing too big but financially it sucks for me. Sets me back a bit. This has just been a bad couple months for me. One bad thing after another takes a toll.

  3. Christy

    I need to read the Patricia Briggs series, but I think I’ll do it on audio.

    And I told you you’d regret those hookers and blow.

  4. Joann Downie

    I keep seeing Patricia Biggs books, so that’s another New to me author, her books look interesting though, and if you want keep the Fire thing going, you MUST read Invisible by James Patterson/David Ellis- it is excellent and I am only on page 150/399!! Am loving it though, great books!!

  5. Jaclyn Canada

    Fire Touched! Oh, I hope it’s great. I’m caught up on that series so I’m looking forward to that one. Siren’s Song looks like a good one too. I stopped to read about it the other day when I saw that cover.

  6. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Ooooh. Some really nice books there. A few new ones that have caught my eye. 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

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