Stacking the Shelves #144: Into the Dim

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Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, is all about sharing the book you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.


books 8-28

books 8-28 2

I actually got these last weekend but forgot to mention them. I won a Comic-Con Prize Pack from Kristin from Book Sniffers Anonymous. There was sooooo much cool stuff in it. Then I got my last book, Owl and the City of Angels from the bunch I won from Braine from Talk Supe.

For Review


cover death rejoices by aj aalto cover last impressions by aj aalto

When I read Touched by AJ Aalto awhile back I was obsessed. I always planned to buy the next book of the series but never got it. Then I saw the next two books on Netgalley and was like hell yeah! So excited to read Death Rejoices and Last Impressions.


cover into the dim by janet taylor

Phobias and time travel? Yeah, Into the Dim is something I HAD to grab.

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of the ones I got?

My Week

Same old, same old. Nothing new this week. My part time job is coming to an end this Monday. Sad face. My brothers and aunt are coming down for a week. Bleh! Oh, I just found out I am going to a wedding on Halloween day and we all get to get dressed up. So excited! I want to go as a dirty, broken doll. This is the picture I am going to try to emulate.

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36 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves #144: Into the Dim”

  1. Red Iza

    Those books from Netgalley look sulphurous ! That wedding looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, I’ve never seen anything like it 🙂 Fingers crossed for the weekend, I hope it’ll be better than it seems *hugs*

  2. chucklesthescot

    I haven’t read any of the books on your haul though the authors are familiar to me. I stay away from Netgalley for the moment at least-I don’t need my tbr raging out of control again! Hope you enjoy your books!

  3. Lekeisha

    I so want Into the Dim! Great CC prize pack as well. I love your costume choice, even if the face cracks make me shudder. LOL

  4. Ashley

    Into the Dim looks and sounds AWESOME! I can’t wait to read your review. I imagine that will determine whether or not I buy it. 😉

  5. Nathan

    It looks like you got some great books, happy reading. This wedding on Halloween day sounds like it will be fun.
    Your costume idea is a frightening one if perfected.

  6. Olivia Roach

    That prize package looks so cool, so I hope you like it! I see Mistborn in there by Brandon Sanderson, and that is one I have wanted to try for a long time, so I hope you enjoy it :3 I also have Into the Dim in common with you. Time travel, yay!

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