Stacking the Shelves #141: Undressed

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cover undressed by avery aster cover pure blooded by amanda carlson cover the lost girl by rl stine

I got a hodgepodge of books this week. Undressed sounds and looks damn sexy. Pure Blooded is a part of a series I am keeping in my back pocket to read all at once. The first book was good. The Lost Girl sounded creepy as hell so I grabbed it.

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of the ones I got?

My Week:

I had the week from hell and there is no end in sight. But I’m cool. Really, the bad things in your life are only temporary, so why sweat them? Stressing is so wasteful and exhausting, I just don’t let myself get there anymore. My motto is “Whatever happens, happens.” How do you guys deal with stress or the rough patches in your life?

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35 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves #141: Undressed”

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I heard. So sorry for what you are going through. πŸ™
      I have been hugging my cat a lot lately, like you suggested.

  1. Red Iza

    R.L. Stine is my youngest daughter’s favorite author, she has almost all of his books ! And damn, I think I’m going to use the cover of Undressed for my next “Lusting for covers” meme, it’s mouth watering ^^

  2. chucklesthescot

    Stress and I go back a long way, like old friends…The way I deal with it now is to lose myself in a favourite re-read or watch a favourite film until I feel better. And chocolate of course…Hope this week is better for you!

  3. Manisha

    Hey Jen!

    I’ve heard about the Lost Girl and R L Stine knows his horror!
    *hugs* I love you optimism! Bad times always pass! That’s how I deal with it and look for an learning experience in those patches so I don’t come out of it empty handed.

  4. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    OOh nice! I enjoy Amanda Carlson’s series!! It’s fun and I can’t wait for the next book!

    Yeah, stress isn’t fun! I find I do the same with you, though for me it’s more like “try” not to sweat it! LOL! I guess I just try to do things that make me happy aren’t stressful! Like reading or spending time with friends and family! basically distractions from whatever it is that’s stressing you.

    Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, be sure to stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, spending time with others for some reason stresses me out more. lol. but books work!

  5. andreaheltsley

    I used to love R.L. Stine, but I wasn’t sure what age group this one was targeted at. Let us know what you think of it! Have a great weekend!

  6. Grace Fonseca

    I got Pure Blooded as well this week after months of waiting to see if I would get approved. I hope you love all your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  7. kindlemom1

    After hurting my back earlier this year, I pretty much adopted that motto as well. I use to stress out so much about everything but then I realize all it did was make me not appreciate all the good that was still happening around me so, yep, that is pretty much how I deal wit it now as well.

  8. Christy

    R.L. Stein …. I’m curious how that book turns out. Sucky weeks suck. It depends on the rough patch or what’s stressing me. I love my punching bag, though.

  9. sherry fundin

    I am not the best person to ask about handling stress. I try to keep my life simple and tell myself, hey, I do the best I can. Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day and who knows what good things may come your way. πŸ™‚

  10. Kristin

    Oh man. I hope next week starts picking up for you. Nothing worse than having a bad go of things. I don’t really have a set way to deal with it. Sometimes it’s re-reading one of my fave books, sometimes it’s watching one of my fave comedies (usually The Proposal), and other times it’s a glass of wine. πŸ˜‰

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I know!!! Same here. Now I have two of his new books. So excited to try them.

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