Stacking the Shelves #172: Bold Tricks

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Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, is all about sharing the book you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.


cover bold tricks by karina halle

Bold Tricks is the last book of the Artists Trilogy that I have been loving so far. So excited and sad for it to end.

cover magic stars by ilona andrews

Magic Stars is a little spinoff of the Kate Daniels series. It’s about Derek and Julie. Hells yeah!

cover the mistake by elle kennedy

Another blogger recommended The Mistake. I’m really into contemporaries right now so I am going to give it a shot.

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of the ones I got?

My Week

Another week, just still barely getting over whatever the hell sickness I had. Some weird, random ass symptoms hit me out of nowhere while I was getting better. Two steps forward, one step back. I’m just watching the ending of The Gallows as I type this. Now that was a solid scary movie. I’m home alone too so it was extra pee in my pants scary. Before that I watched Crimson Peak. Also pretty dang good. The imagery was very pretty. Now it’s time to relax, stay home, and pig-out this weekend. Probably won’t even put on a bra for the whole two days. LMAO.

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28 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves #172: Bold Tricks”

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      Yes, Tom Hiddelston. I love him so much. Halle seems to be the ‘it’ author right now.

  1. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    I hope you’re feeling better, Jennifer! It sucks when you are just starting to feel better and then catch something else.
    Your new books look great, I’m gonna have to get my hands on that Kate Daniels novella…
    Have a fantastic weekend and happy reading.

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      Derek is effing awesome. just finished the novella too. I loved it.

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I’m weird with scary movies. I love them most when they really scary. So alone is the best time to watch them. Mmm, yummy Tom Hiddleston!

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      A must read!!! Just finished it. I’m in love with Derek even more.

  2. Nathan

    It is good to hear your feeling better. These look like good books.
    I don’t know about watching all those horror movies alone…
    …though Crimson Peak might be good.

  3. Braine

    Is Crimson Peak on Netflix yet? Damn, I want to watch that movie too.

    I hope your road to recovery is smooth moving forward. Happy chillin’!

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I get DirecTv, so I On Demanded that shit! lol. Not sure if it’s one Netflix.

  4. Christy LoveOfBooks

    Oooh I approve of all three books, even though The Deal is a little better than The Mistake. Haha – The Gallows was filmed near here and they’ve put out casting calls for the 2nd one. But of course, I haven’t even watched it yet. No bra is totally the way to go.

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I know, I know, I will grab The Deal soon. I just felt like this plot right now.

  5. Olivia Roach

    The Deal series is one I know a lot of bloggers love. Oh, and I have seen everyone fangirling about Andrews books as well which is why I want to try one of them. Crimson Peak is one I have been meaning to watch for a while! Because Tom Hiddleston <3

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      In know, I turn my head and another person is sick and giving that shit to me!!!

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