Review: Wild Justice by Kelley Armstrong

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Review: Wild Justice by Kelley ArmstrongWild Justice by Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Plume on November 26, 2013
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 392
Format: Paperback
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Rating: four-half-stars

The long-awaited final installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling author’s Nadia Stafford series

In Wild Justice, Nadia is confronted with her most difficult task to date: going after the man who killed her cousin Amy twenty years prior. But when it turns out that someone else has already taken justice into their own hands, she is drawn into a complex situation where everything she knows and loves is thrown into the path of danger. Nadia is forced to take matters into her own hands, ultimately requiring her to confront her darkest secrets—and her deepest desires—in a way that she never thought possible.

At A Glance

One of my favorite series of all time.

The Good

I have not reviewed the other two books of the series since they were read before I started blogging, so let me at least tell you what rating I would give them: Exit Strategy – 6 stars, Made to be Broken – 5 stars. Yeah…so…I think you know where this is going. Even with Wild Justice being 4.5 stars, this is one of the best series I ever read. And it’s not even in one of my most read genres. I love pretty much all of Kelley Armstrong’s books, but the Nadia Stafford series is the best for me, hands down. But who was I kidding, there’s assassins in there, of course I was going to love this series.

The beginning of the book started out with a bang! With those recent events, Nadia is not in a great place mentally. Here comes Jack, Nadia’s assassin mentor, to the rescue. And he comes baring a gift. He’s found Drew Aldritch, the man who supposedly raped and killed Nadia’s cousin awhile back but got acquitted in court. It’s hunting time!!! Obviously, the hunt for Drew doesn’t go as planned when our fav assassins find out that the mystery behind Nadia’s cousin’s death is more complicated that they first thought.

So much. SO MUCH! My mind is officially blown. I can’t believe the twist and turns this book took. I never expected the mystery to go this deep. All the people involved, it was just crazy. But, obviously, the best part was seeing the gang back together. But I was reading this book for Nadia and Jack. I have been waiting for two books and many years to see if they finally get together. All the signs were leading there, but these two are so stubborn, I really didn’t know how it was going to end.

Nadia was her same gentle but deadly self, while Jack still talked in short, incomplete sentences and kept his feelings close to the chest. But their connection is unbreakable. Armstrong did such a great job of keeping their chemistry on the down-low to keep us guessing: will they or won’t they? But with Wild Justice, I was shocked to see Jack open up and actually be…human. It was scary but awesome.

Quinn was his same cute but naïve self. Evelyn was still going strong with her cold-hearted bitch shell with a warming center. The dialogue was spot on. The action freaking rocked! There was no putting this book down. I hate to see such an amazing series end, but I love how everything was wrapped up.

The Bad

Nothing was wrong with Wild Justice but I did enjoy the other books a little more.

The Snuggly

Finally. FINALLY! For those of you who have kept up with this series, you will know what I mean. Quinn was never my favorite, it was always going to be Jack. And even though this book doesn’t need sex, I wouldn’t have minded reading about one of my favorite couples of all time getting it on. 😀 But alas, this book is pretty clean in that area. We do get kissing and some bumping and grinding. I will have to let that suffice my debauched ways of thinking.

Final Thoughts

If you love Kelley Armstrong books, or assassin books in general, this is the series for you. We get outstanding action, mystery, and romance. It really was as close to perfection as you can get. Very highly recommended.


“It’s so easy to screw up. To make a choice that seems right. Then time passes and you look back and you say, ‘How the hell did I do that?’ Attitudes change. Insights change. Eventually things you were so damned sure were right become…incomprehensible.”  


“I’m not a shrink. Never been to one. Shot a couple. Don’t think that counts.”


“I’ve never slept with a man and didn’t make it damned clear he was renting, and there could be other tenants.”


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20 Responses to “Review: Wild Justice by Kelley Armstrong”

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, it’s one her less known series but just as great as her other series. Better for me.

  1. Melanie Simmons (@mlsimmons)

    I so loved this series. It took me a while to pick it up because it wasn’t paranormal in anyway. I decided to go ahead and give it a try because Kelley Armstrong is a writing goddess. I’m so glad I did. It is a great trilogy.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, I read the first book when I only read paranormal so it was an odd choice but I fell in love right away.

  2. Molly Mortensen

    Most sequels aren’t quite as good as the first one. I haven’t read this series. I like assassins too and the twisty turny mystery sounds good. She kept the romance building for three books? I’m impressed.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, and only in the last book do they finally get together. The slow build was amazing.

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    Awesome! I love books that keep you guessing and the fact that you would’ve rated the first one 6 stars is saying a lot. This looks like one that Melody would love so I’ve recommended the series to her based on your review. Thanks so much for sharing 😀

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Awesome. I hope she loves it! The first one was one of the first non-paranormal books I read and just fell in love.

  4. Olivia

    I have never heard of this series before, but it is going right onto my TBR after you stressed how amazing it was! It sounds like something I would like as well. Someone has been reading a lot of good reads lately ^.^

  5. Bianka

    Could You write an answer for my question: Are Nadia and Jack together ?
    I’m asking because in Poland we have only part 1-Exit Strategy. And we have to wait year or two for another parts od these series.
    It wolud be nice to know.
    Thank You!!

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