Review: When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

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Review: When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa DareWhen a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare
Series: Castles Ever After #3
Publisher: Avon on August 25, 2015
Genres: Historical Romance, Adult
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
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Rating: four-half-stars

On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shyly pretty and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart. So Maddie did what generations of shy, awkward young ladies have done: she invented a sweetheart.

A Scottish sweetheart. One who was handsome and honorable and devoted to her, but conveniently never around. Maddie poured her heart into writing the imaginary Captain MacKenzie letter after letter … and by pretending to be devastated when he was (not really) killed in battle, she managed to avoid the pressures of London society entirely.

Until years later, when this kilted Highland lover of her imaginings shows up in the flesh. The real Captain Logan MacKenzie arrives on her doorstep—handsome as anything, but not entirely honorable. He’s wounded, jaded, in possession of her letters… and ready to make good on every promise Maddie never expected to keep.

At A Glance

Finally, a really, really good historical romance.

The Good

I am not even sure why I loved When a Scot Ties the Knot so much. I just got this overall feeling of “that was so satisfying” by the end. I am pretty sure I haven’t read a historical romance like it before. Maddie makes up a Scottish suitor to stop her family from pushing her into social settings, which she has a phobia of. She writes letters to her imaginary Captain Logan MacKenzie talking all about her deceit. She eventually has to kill him off, but surprise, surprise, Captain MacKenzie is a real boy and he has come to meet the shy lady who has written to him all these years without knowing he existed.

Seriously, this book was just so dang hilarious. Can you imagine making someone up and then them accidentally being real; features, title, and all? Crazy. As you can guess Maddie is dumbstruck when she finds out, especially when Logan demands she live up to her lies by marrying him. Maddie is such a passionate character in every ay. I am not much of a social butterfly myself so I understood her panic attacks when surrounded by a lot of people. Her fear had made her live a somewhat sheltered life. But her awkwardness is adorable, which is what endears her to the reader and Logan

Logan was kind of an asshole, but I understood he needed to find a home for his army buddies, and marrying Maddie made that happen. He was very upfront in his blackmail though, gotta respect that. Underneath all his cold facts and rough exterior, he has a big heart, even if he doesn’t think so.

The banter was absolutely hilarious. I could read about these two verbally going at it for days. Despite their bickering they have an intense sexual chemistry neither can deny. Maddie is curious while Logan is…well he’s horny as hell.

The side characters were great, especially Grant, who can’t remember where he is every few hours because of a war injury. Poor guy. He’s really likable though. The writing was well done, as was the pacing. I laughed, I got teary eyed, I smiled the whole damn book.

The Bad

Logan was a bit of a baby near the end. I get insecurities, but his got a little irrational and petty. You are a grown ass man, deal with it, don’t put it on others.

The Snuggly

The sex was great. I love how eager Maddie was, even when she knew she had to hold back. Logan was going insane with all the teasing, which I loved. That’s what you get!

Final Thoughts

When a Scot Ties the Knot has everything a historical romance should have. The characters were so enjoyable and fun. I have been reading hist-roms like crazy these past few weeks, and this one is the best by far. Highly recommended.


“I’m Captain Logan MacKenzie. I received every last one of your missives, and despite your best attempts to kill me, I am verra much alive.”
He propped a finger under her chin, tilting her face to his. So she would be certain to hear and believe his words.
“Madaline Eloise Gracechurch… I’ve come here to marry you.”  

“There’s more than one way to share pleasure.”
She was quiet for a long moment. “How many ways?”
He rolled onto his side to face her, skimming a single finger from her breastbone to her belly.
“Here’s an idea. I’ll demonstrate them, and you keep count.”  

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”
He pushed his hands through his hair. “I’m beginning to think it was marrying you.”  

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26 Responses to “Review: When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare”

  1. Red Iza

    I keep seeing this book reviewed everywhere, but yours is the first review I get to read entirely without being disturbed ! And it’s mouthwatering, this novel seems perfectly fit for my “smile on my face while reading” shelf ^^ Thanks for sharing !

  2. Melliane

    Oh that’s great! I’m not sure I’ve tried a book by the author yet but I keep hearing amazing things about her and mainly about this book. I should try!

  3. Lekeisha

    I respect Logan just from your review. Man, I bet that was comical when he appeared. I’d probably pee myself. Finally, a good one. Great review!

  4. Nathan

    I haven’t read a historical romance is some time. It sounds like a good book, though. Have you read “Curiosity” by Joan Thomas? It is set in the early 19th century and goes through the eyes of Mary Anning and Henry De la Beche the book explores evolving ideas about fossils, people and a forbidden love that develops between them. By the way, these characters are based on real people. Thought you might be ‘curios’.

  5. Ashley

    I’ve been seeing this eeeeverywhere! I was always kind of intrigued because I’m SO OBSESSED with Scottish stuff right now. I think I’ll totally have to read this! Awesome review.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I know, I am in a Scottish faze right now. So delectable. You have to read this book.

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