Review: Water by Terra Harmony

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Book #1 of the Akasha Series

Publisher: Self-Published (Sept. 2011)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Eco-Fantasy
Format: ebook (232 pages)
Source: Author Review Request
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

Elemental powers in the palm of her hand…and it won’t be enough to save her. When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between her and Earth’s survival. ~ Goodreads

At a Glance
Water is the kind of book that drove me a bit crazy. I never knew how I felt about it. I kind of wanted to dislike it, but then I loved it at the same time. After I was done, I was shocked by what I just read. And even though there were many things that bothered me about this book, I couldn’t help but think about it long after I put it down–in a good way.

The Good
Here’s the Story
All of Kaitlyn’s escape attempts have failed. This organization will not let her go because of the secret they have kept from her. Kaitlyn is no normal human being, she is special, and she holds the Earth’s survival in her hands. Relenting to these hippie/military people, she finds herself training to become what she is meant to become. Then Kaitlyn starts finding out some disturbing thing about this weird organization that does not sit well with her. Not all the members want her there. Some would risk all just to have her power. And even the ones she cares about might just be using her. Feeling alone amongst friends, it’s up to Kaitlyn to fight against the man that wants to control her, possess her, and kill her.

I Want More…
This book started out with a bang. I was enthralled from the first scene and my eyes were glued all the way till the end. This is one of the most roller coaster reads I have ever set my eyes upon. The array of emotions that Water made me feel were boundless. I am itching to get my hands on the second book of the series. Harmony definitely knows how to leave us wanting more.

Kait and Her Fate…
In the beginning, I loved Kaitlyn’s tenacity and resilience. She’s a fighter. But she also does what’s best for everyone, even if it puts her in some screwed up situations. She tries to take her new life in stride, even while everyone keeps messing with her. When I felt bad for Kaitlyn, she never felt bad for herself. She never broke down, she just planned and focused on the best way of getting away from the new threat. Out of all the authors I have ever read, Harmony is the meanest to her characters, which makes things more exciting.

The characters around Kaitlyn bothered me, but sometimes in a good way. Micah was mostly sweet and caring in the beginning of the book. Even as the story went on, and I started to dislike him, I did truly believe that he wanted to love Kaitlyn, not hurt her. I am hoping he does some redeemable things in book 2 because he has potential.

The bad guy in Water is really bad. You won’t really be surprised who he is revealed to be because it’s pretty obvious throughout the novel, but the lengths he goes to are just shocking. Harmony does not hold anything back when it comes to twists and turns. You know they are coming but the level of violence and hate is astounding. I was often reading with my mouth open, stunned by what I was reading. I haven’t had a book do that to me in a long time.

In the end, I was happy I read this book. It’s gritty and has a no holds barred type of plot. I never knew what to expect, what horrible thing would happen next. It was actually exhilarating. I also have to give Harmony props for her awesome explanations and descriptions for the eco-fantasy part. It was quite fascinating. You can tell this author did her research.

The Bad
Since there is much about the book that bothered me, I am just going to list everything instead of going into too much detail (there will be some spoilers, that cannot be helped):

~Kaitlyn’s reactions seemed unrealistic at times.
~Micah and Kaitlyn had a weird intimacy that did not feel natural.
~One minute Kaitlyn is escaping, the next she is promising to stay, but there is no logical reason behind her change of mind.
~Kaitlyn is carved up with a knife by a bad guy who is suppose to be a good guy and nothing is done to the bad/good guy, even though he is caught in the act. Even the man that cares about her does nothing. He walks in, says “Hey, what are you doing?” and stands there while his lover is left cut and bleeding. Then tells the bad/good guy that they will discuss the matter later. REALLY?
~ She forgives someone she cares about who almost rapes her because he gives her a necklace. Wow, this girl is easy.
~Once Kaitlyn starts feeling bad for her capturers, people who hold her down to be tortured, I lost respect for her.
~She laughs and plays around with her rapist/torturer.
~The ending really couldn’t be called an ending.

The Snuggly
There is sex in this book, and there is also rape and torture. This is not a book for everyone. I am not one to be skittish from violent books, but even I was a little uncomfortable with how far this book goes with the sexual violence. So be prepared.

I for one did not like Micah very much, so him and Kaitlyn together wasn’t my favorite part of the book.

As you can see, I have a love/hate relationship with Water. It had some parts that made me jump up with joy and other parts left me saying, “What the HELL?” But I know one thing for sure, I will be continuing the series one way or another. I have to know what is going to happen next. Recommended for those who can handle books with physical and sexual violence.

“Bitch!”  he screamed.  “You will bear my mark before this is over.”  

I snorted with laughter at his exclamation.

Laughter subdued, I grabbed the knife and made three quick cuts on his back.  Blood seeped through his shirt instantaneously in the shape of the letter K.  Not one to be outdone with tacky declarations, I announced, “But not before you bear mine.”  I stepped back, releasing my grip on him, feeling entirely too pleased with myself.

It was short lived; four hands grabbed me.  I had forgotten about the remaining two guards, significantly bigger men, who now had me sandwiched between them, keeping me all but immobile.

Shawn took his time getting up from the ground, dusting himself off before turning to face me.  His eyes bore into me, burning with pure hatred.  He twisted my wrist, the same maneuver I used on him, confiscating the knife.  My eyes followed its tip as he ran it past my face.


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  1. ❤ Vivian

    Wow!! This is my first time reading one of your reviews, Jennifer! and I really, really loved reading this one <3 I’ve actually never seen this book, but it looks really intriguing. Haha, and I totally know what you mean when you’re reading and sometimes go WHAT THE HELL?!!! Sounds like a conflicting, but still good read! Vivi shall go and check it out… anyway, great review!

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

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