Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

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Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper WintersUnseen Messages by Pepper Winters
Publisher: Self-Published on March 30, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Pages: 590
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Rating: four-half-stars
Heat: three-half-flames

"There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. Messages exist all around us."

But what if you don't see?
What if you don't understand?
What if, by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?

Estelle Evermore morphed from nobody to somebody overnight.
Galloway Oak put his past behind him and endeavoured to make his fortune using his trade.

Two strangers.
One plane.
Multiple unseen messages.

From sky to island, they find neither fame nor skills can save them. Stripped from society and left alone to survive the elements, the very task of staying alive outweighs all other needs.

Until survival turns to desire.
And desire turns to danger.

At A Glance

I feel raw all over.

The Good

I love Pepper Winters. She writes with so much raw emotion that it leaves you completely devastated.

Crap, this is a hard review. There is so much I can’t tell you, it’s frustrating. Okay, the basics: Estelle and Galloway crash onto a deserted island in Fiji. Together they have to learn how to survive through the ups and downs of being castaways. They butt heads at first but slowly passion takes over as the struggle of daily life teaches them who they really are, what they are capable of, and what they really want.

I love the messages Winters weaves throughout the tale. She stresses the importance of family and home. How the stress of survival can change a person, sometimes for the better. How deep love can really go. It’s a little corny but it worked.

There was a lot of detail on how they survived. I learned some pretty interesting things, that’s for sure. I loved the concept that nature always provides, you just have to listen to her.

This survival romance fucking gutted me. I cried like a baby for an hour at one point. I was such an emotional wreak, I wish I could tell you why but I can’t. Way too much of a spoiler. But boy, I have not cried like that in a long time. Be prepared for a lot of emotion, depression, and the feeling of despair. I felt like I was on the island with them.

I loved the story and I loved the journey. The ending worked really well for me too.

The Bad

Unseen Messages was too damn long. I liked learning about how they survived on the island but it got a bit monotonous.

Galloway got on my nerves in the first half of the book. His self-loathing was too much. Grow a pair, man! Stop being a jerk!

The Snuggly

It took FOREVER for Estelle and Galloway to get together. It was frustrating, but it was pretty hot once they got down to dirty business. They were like island rabbits, going at it all the time!

Final Thoughts

I think there was a few things that could have been improved on in Unseen Messages. On the technical side it’s not 4.5 stars worthy, but my interest in it raises it to 4.5 stars. I was enthralled the whole time, even during the looooong parts. The characters really grew on me and the messages throughout made me really feel something. Highly recommended.


“I’d donated everything I was to those I loved. I would die for them. I would survive for them. And nothing was better than that. Nothing.”

“I crash landed to find him. I fell from the sky to know him. I died a mortal death to be worthy of him. I am reborn because of him. “If rescue never comes, know I didn’t need it. If help never arrives, know I didn’t want it. If we die here together, be happy knowing this was our destiny. “Don’t find us. Don’t mourn us. Don’t weep for us. Because we were the lucky ones, the chosen ones, the only ones for each other.”  


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  1. Olivia Roach

    This sounds like a really good novel, and I especially like how the author manages to convey the emotion so well, so you’re really feeling it. I haven’t heard of this author before but it sounds like it was just an epic read!

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