Review: Under the Desert Moon by Emma Meade

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by Emma Meade

Publisher: Soul Fire Press (Aug. 2012)
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: eBook (205 pages)
Source: Review Request for honest review
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Rating: ★★½☆☆ (2.5 stars)

17 year old Erin Harris spends her time daydreaming, hoping to escape her small town life in Copperfield, Arizona. When a movie crew arrives unexpectedly to shoot a vampire film over the summer, Erin’s small town world changes forever. Erin is positive she has seen the star, James Linkin before in a thirty year old TV show. He hasn’t aged a day. How is this possible? Erin is determined to find out, but how will James handle the scrutiny of an all too intelligent teenage girl?
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At A Glance
I couldn’t help but feel somewhat detached from the characters in this book. It felt like everything happened too fast but I did enjoy some aspects.

The Good
I had fun in the beginning. Under the Desert Moon is a somewhat silly, somewhat dark book that has a fun premise. A vampire playing a vampire in a movie. AWESOME! And James was no soft, heartthrob vampire either. He admits to feeding on people, even killing on occasion, and doesn’t apologize for it. A vampire has to eat. Either Erin loves him for who he is or not. I respected that about James. And I was happy he found something in Erin that called to him and opened the doors to a true companionship. His back story was so sad too, but it made me warm to him.

I did like the little twist and turns that I didn’t see coming. I was surprised by how some of the characters weren’t as nice as they seemed.

The ending was bittersweet which I actually enjoyed because it made me interested in reading the next book if there ever is one. Good job on the author’s part.

The Bad
It comes down to not caring about most of the characters. Erin seemed like a smart girl in the beginning but suddenly became every other dumb, obsessed teenager girl. And she accepted things way too fast. Then James just didn’t add enough spice to the book for me. Emotions ran lukewarm most of the time so it was hard to feel a lot for this book.

Some aspects of the plot were unique but mainly this story has been done before.

The Snuggly
The romance happened way to fast. Erin became one of those girls you hate because they get obsessed with the guy that’s bad for them for no other reason than “he’s dangerous, therefor sexy.” I like a little more depth in my fictional relationships.

There is kissing and a little touching.

Final Thoughts
Under the Desert Moon didn’t wow me. It’s readable and somewhat enjoyable, but the characters made me like this story less. Only recommended to young adults who are obsessed with everything vampire. Twihards may like this book.

“You’re kind of a weirdo, aren’t you.” she said. It wasn’t a question.
“And you’re kinda honest. I like that.”

Her heart skipped a beat. She liked being pressed so closely against him. His danger was exciting. Erin understood the bad boy appeal for the first time in her life.

“Why aren’t you running?” James asked softly

Instead of making her escape, Erin’s hands snaked slowly up the length of his chest. What am I doing? “I don’t know,” she whispered truthfully and kissed him.

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15 Responses to “Review: Under the Desert Moon by Emma Meade”

  1. Neyra

    I read this book a while back, and I gotta agree with you Jennifer, the story was okay, but the characters needed more delivery. I couldn’t connect with any of them, though I enjoyed reading some parts. Maybe if there is a second book, it will be better than this one. Great review ! 🙂

  2. Sarah Elizabeth

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one either. There just wasn’t anything new going on, and I didn’t believe that a hollywood movie director would allow some random local girl on the set taking photos either. Just disappointing really.

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