Review: Typist #1 – Working for the Billionaire Novelist by Mimi Strong

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Review: Typist #1 – Working for the Billionaire Novelist by Mimi StrongTypist #1: Working for the Billionaire Novelist by Mimi Strong
Publisher: Self-Published on November 24, 2012
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Romance
Pages: 49
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-half-stars

Tori is twenty-three, with a temper to match her flaming red hair.

Smith Wittingham is older, insanely wealthy, and loves to make redheads angry.

When Tori shows up at Smith's secluded cabin in Vermont for a typing contract, their sparks threaten to burn everything down. What they don't know is that each has a secret that's too painful to reveal.

Book 1: Smith vows to keep his hands to himself, but Tori doesn't care for rules. When she looks into his beautiful eyes, she wants to be naked, in every way.

Erotic Romance Series - contains EXPLICIT SEX with an emotionally damaged alpha male, including rough sex, BDSM, and roleplaying. This is not a sweet romance. M/F, 18+.

I've been a bad bird. This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years old due to its use of sexual content, substance use, and/or violence. Come be a bad bird with me!

At A Glance

A good erotica with an a-hole love interest.

The Good

Mimi is just that kind of author. Once you read one of her books, you know what you are going to get (in general) with all of them. The love interests will be total pricks but you will still love them. The females will be a nice mix of strong and a bit submissive. The sex will get freaky. And that’s just Mimi’s writing style charm. Her books are like no other and I adore her for that.

Typist #1 (the first of a serial) was a great short spurt of erotic weirdness. I loved the concept. Tori is ghostwriting for Smith, a very famous author. They do this in his secluded cabin. Obviously, they have lots of sex during down time. What the hell else is there to do? Tori kinda hates Smith for most of the book, but she can’t help her vagina from wanting him. It’s like the whole “Don’t talk, just lay still so I can do things to your body for my pleasure,” concept. Smith is at his best with his mouth shut.

I like where this series is going. I want to see what these two get themselves into. The writing was good and the story kept my interest the whole time.

The Bad

Obviously, this is a serial, and I knew that going in, but it doesn’t negate the fact that I hate books that end in the middle of the story. UGH, it’s like I am cursed with non-endings this week.

Smith is not romantic at all. He is a complete asshole. Sometimes I like that when the character has redeeming qualities, but I haven’t seen any of those yet. So Smith got too douchy for me sometimes.

The Snuggly

The sex is hot, but it’s also weird and kinda degrading. But I was cool with that. No judgment for odd bedroom gymnastics.

Final Thoughts

I am already on Typist #2 and am loving it. Smith gets more bearable. Yay. So I think this is going to be a fun series. Recommended.


“Do you have any pets back home?”

“I have no home.” He scratched his neck again. “I’d like a nice little bitch who comes when I call her.”

I nearly choked on the tea I was sipping. I set down the cup and filled my plate with scrambled eggs and toast, not commenting.

He continued, “A nice, submissive bitch. She’d roll on her back and show me her tummy like a good girl.”

“Sounds about your speed,” I said. “It would make you feel like such a big man to be around someone you’re smarter than.”

“Maybe I’ll get two, in that case.”


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14 Responses to “Review: Typist #1 – Working for the Billionaire Novelist by Mimi Strong”

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, it’s kind of weird, It’s like I want to stop reading but I can’t look away!

  1. Melliane

    I confess that I have a big problem with serial, mainly as I don’t have a good memory but I try them when they’re completed so maybe one day. thanks for the review.

  2. Christy

    Hahaha … yeah, sometimes are vaginas are as bad as dicks – with a mind of their own. I’ll see how the whole serial goes for you first, but damn, I’m curious about their bedroom activities now.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      So I am reading book 4, last one. I both liked and hated this series. I like how it seems to be ending, but damn is this guy a prick!

  3. Lily B

    ugha I been wary of serials, after reading a few myself.. i just no. but glad to hear that he redeems himself in the second book

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Serials and me usually have a hate/hate relationship, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

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