Review: Turning Tides by Mia Marshall

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Elements Series #3

by Mia Marshall

Publisher: Match Books (May 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal,  Mystery, Adult
Format: eARC (344 pages)
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Rating: ★★★☆ (4 stars)

Aidan Brook is hours away from a peaceful life. Once she accepts her future as a banished elemental, she can leave her family’s island and return to Lake Tahoe, where she’ll spend the rest of her days controlling her magic in a calm, stress-free environment. That plan hits a snag when a member of the elementals’ governing body is murdered—and Aidan’s best friend is accused of the crime.

Before the body cools, Aidan is racing against the clock to prove Sera’s innocence. To make matters worse, she must face the consequences of the bond she now shares with her favorite bear shifter—all while her sanity grows less predictable by the day.

Magic, murder, and mayhem: it may look like a typical Aidan Brook day, but she’s about to discover, when the tides start to turn, even a water elemental can’t control what happens next.

At A Glance
It dragged in places but that ending made the whole book shine!

The Good
Wow, so much is going to change from this book and on. There is no going back. No normal life. But it all started out innocently enough. If you can call standing trial for revealing your power to humans and being banished from the magical community for the rest of your life innocent. Aidan is taking this farce trial like a boss though, until the sentence giver’s body explodes. Yeah, I’ll let you take that in for a second. Sera, Aidan’s best friend and sister, and the only one who could make a person explode with her fire ability, is automatically charged for the murder. It’s up to Aidan to save the day this time. But will the fire part of herself drive her insane before she can help her friend escape a death sentence?

The mystery was pretty awesome. I really didn’t know who was responsible for all the deaths until Marshall wanted me to know, and even then it was hard to believe. The best part was how all the characters I love came together to help Aidan and Sera out of this mess. There has been some tension between them since the last book, but I saw the group of friends grow even closer by the end of this book. Even Josiah, Aidan and Sera’s somewhat evil, somewhat loving father really grew on me. It was easy to see his past bad deeds for what they really were: ways to save his daughters. That’s all he ever wanted, for them to be safe, at any cost.

There were lots and twists and turns that left me breathless. But Aidan most of all shocked me. She is changing, big time. The fire is gaining control and there is no way to stop it. I saw an even darker side of Aidan in this book and I am a little scared for her. But I believe her friends and family will support her to the every end, and that’s what she needs to get through this sane and alive.

That ending. OMG, that effing ending. Best. Ending. Ever. It all f*cking goes down hill so fast. One after the other, the world falls apart. There is no going back. Everything is changed. I almost freaking cried for Aidan as her world crumbled minute by minute at the end. I don’t know how Marshall can make this all better, but I am excited to continue reading the series to find out.

The Bad
I have to admit, the first two books were better. The action in this one was lacking and the first two-thirds felt a little slow and draggy. It seemed like more time was spent with Aidan worrying about going insane than actually investigating the murders and trying to save her friend from a death sentence. I would have given this book 3.5 stars if not for that amazing ending.

The Snuggly
If you have been following my reviews of this series, you know how frustrated I have been with Aidan and Mac’s no sexy fun time. The teasing, the lead up, all of it has remained unfulfilled with a good climax. And I thought book #3 would for sure have these two sucking face and joining body parts. Nope!!!! More effing teasing, more waiting, more UGHHHHHH! Don’t get me wrong, I love these two. Their relationship definitely moved forward in this book. They are now in a better place in their relationship, but still, NO EFFING SEX!!!!. Shoot me now! So many lead ups, so many disruptions. It’s becoming quite predictable and annoying.

Final Thoughts
This really is an amazing urban fantasy. It has great mystery, fun magic, and a slow but endearing love story. This is a must read series for me. I can’t wait for the next book. Very recommended.

“It doesn’t matter. We keep heading the way we are and something’s going to give. I’ll tell you this, these days I see no reason to fight on the elemental’s side.”

I might as well have told her I was thinking of waging war on Canada. She couldn’t have been more shocked. “How can you say that?”

“After everything I’ve learned today, after what you planned to do to me, how can I not? What reason have I been given to feel loyalty to elementals?”

As I spoke, I stared at the case full of syringes, still several feet away. I wasn’t faster than Rachel, I wasn’t a more powerful water. In every visible way I was weaker.

Fortunately, I have a few invisible tricks up my sleeve.

“I don’t care what you had planned. It will not happen. You will never control me.” I paused between each word of the last sentence, letting the weight of my words build until they hung in the air, an overt challenge.

For the second time that day, I called to the fire. I encouraged it, grateful for its warmth and power, its hunger for destruction. It responded like an eager child, thrilled to be recognized at last.

All this time, I’d been wrong. The fire wasn’t the enemy.

The enemy stood in front of me.
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