Review: Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine

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Total Eclipse

Book #9 of the Weather Warden Series

by Rachel Caine

Publisher: ROC (August 2010)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 303 (paperback)
Source: Personal Library

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Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5 stars)

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin, her husband, the djinn David, and the Earth herself have been poisoned by a substance that destroys the magic that keeps the world alive. The poison is destabilizing the entire balance of power, bestowing magic upon those who have never had it, and removing it from those who need it. It’s just a matter of time before the delicate balance of nature explodes into chaos-and doom.

The Good
Total Eclipse, the last installment of the Weather Warden series, starts off where Cape Storm left off. Mother Earth is pissed and is waking up. With her power over the djinn race, there is nothing to stop her destruction of humanity. Except, maybe, Joanne Baldwin. But first Joanne and her djinn husband David have to get their powers back after the last atrocity that took them away. And once Joanne and David are back at full strength, even their worst nightmares can’t stop them from saving the world…again.

The book starts out a little slow but after page 100 or so we get back into the same action packed book we expect from Caine. And boy do we get action. Not only will you fear the awesome power of the Earth possessed djinn but new creatures you can’t and won’t want to imagine make an appearance. Every time I think there is no way Joanne is going to get out of another impossible situation, Caine finds a believable and interesting way for Jo to once again persevere.

Joanne is the same smart-ass, extremely powerful heroine we all have come to love. She’s compassionate in a world where compassion will get you killed. She’s loyal to her friends, the few she has, but is also willing to make the hard decisions that a weather warden must make while the world is crumbling around itself. And she still has that same hilarious orgasmic reaction when driving her brand of classic car. David is almost always by her side. His unwavering faith and passion for Jo is simply heart warming. They’re one of my favorite couples in the urban fantasy genre.

The secondary characters are one of the best parts of Weather Warden books. We have Cherise, Jo’s best friend, the human who is almost always upbeat. Kevin, the kid who has had a horrible life but is trying to better himself. Rahel, the funniest djinn ever, even when she doesn’t mean to be. Venna, our little Alice in Wonderland djinn. Someone who will kill you with a snap of her fingers as you pinch her cheeks because she’s just too damn adorable. And Lewis. The strongest weather warden. The second love of Joanne’s life. The man who might just be the key to the whole series.

I was quite blown away with the ups and downs in this book. Let’s put it this way, not everyone makes it out alive. I wanted to cry half the time because this book has numerous sad scenes. Which is understandable since the the world was ending and not everyone can make it out alive and kicking. I think the drama added to the whole story, made it more realistic, as much as fantasy can be realistic.

Caine had me cringing in fear, gasping in surprise, and cheering for the good guys. It’s hard to say goodbye to these cast of characters, but Caine wrapped everything up in a satisfying way. I have read some pretty annoying finales to series that leave me wanting and asking more questions than answering them. Caine actually gives us something that makes us smile and sigh in contentment. I’m happy she didn’t drag out this series. She ended it when it was well, and truly done. I am thrilled I found the Weather Warden series and have enjoyed the journey it took me on.

The Bad
To be a hundred percent honest, I put his book down after seventy pages and didn’t pick it back up for months. I don’t know why. Yeah, I was a little bored. But to shelve the book for months seems excessive. I guess Total Eclipse just didn’t hit me right from the beginning. But once I did start reading it again, I couldn’t put it down.

The Snuggly
No sex. Just passionate kisses and such.

I’m sad it’s the end but happy with how Caine decided to end it. The series was leading up to this point and I wasn’t disappointed with the fun and frightening adventures Joanne faced during another one of her road trips. I thought the ending was going to be predictable, but I was genuinely surprised by most of the book. I would definitely suggest reading Total Eclipse and the whole series. This is a great series for those who love urban fantasy but want to read about something other than vampires and werewolves.

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