Review: The List by Kate L. Mary (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

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Review: The List by Kate L. Mary (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

Review: The List by Kate L. Mary (Blog Tour & Giveaway)The List by Kate L. Mary
Series: College of Charleston #1
Publisher: Lyrical Press on May 26, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: Novel Length
Format: eBook
Source: Blog Tour
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Rating: four-half-stars

The List. Twenty things every girl must do before she turns twenty. . .
Body piercing
Get drunk
First kiss
But thanks to her crazy, over-protective father, Annie Roth is way behind schedule. Good thing it’s her first semester of college, because Annie is more than ready to start checking off items. . .
Fake ID
Skinny dipping
Road trip!!!
Where it gets complicated? Ryan and Chris. Best friends. Both sweet, funny, totally hot, and totally into Annie.
But there are some things on The List that Annie only wants to do with Ryan. . .
Lose it
Get Heart Broken
Fall in love

At A Glance

Wasn’t perfect but I really, really, loved it.

The Good

Did you ever read a book that while you were reading it you knew it wasn’t amazing but to you it was? That’s The List for me.

I was fascinated with the story the whole time. I was excited as Annie got to experience real life for the first time. She has been sheltered all her life, so when she gets to college it’s like a kid in a candy store. First time for parties, drinking, friends, boys, and sex. But there was also heartbreak and pain. I love how easily Annie opened herself up to new experiences but she didn’t totally change everything about herself. Faults and all, I loved Annie the whole time.

Cami was an amazing best friend to Annie. She introduced her to new things and helped Annie find herself. Chris was so sweet. He could be a bit judgmental but he always had Annie’s best interest in mind. But it was Ryan who shined the most. He was so easy going and fun. He had a constant smile on his face that made everyone else smile. He had his faults as well, but he made up for them in spades.

This felt like a coming of age story but for a new adult audience. I think I realted to this story because I too experienced the best and most fun parts of life at an older age. The List really spoke to me on so many levels.

The Bad

I really liked Ryan but he really pissed me off sometimes. He treated Annie like a yo-yo, pulling her in then pushing her away. It wasn’t fair. I know he was going through his own crap but, seriously, man up!

The Snuggly

There is some sex but it’s not the focus. It was done well and was semi hot but nothing super detailed.

Final Thoughts

I loved this, plain and simple. Not everyone will because each one of us is looking for something different. But for me, it was a homerun. Very recommended.


“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.”  

“Annie, huh? I like it,” he said, blowing smoke into the air. “Sounds innocent. There is nothing I like more than corrupting an innocent.”

“If I could have one wish, I’d wish for you.”

About Kate L. Mary

Kate L. Mary is a stay-at-home mother of four and an Air Force wife. She grew up in a small town just north of Dayton, Ohio where she and her husband met at the age of twelve. Since their marriage in 2002, they have lived in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and California.

Kate enjoys any post-apocalyptic story – especially if zombies are involved – as long as there is a romantic twist to give the story hope. Kate prefers nerdy, non-traditional heroes who can make you laugh to hunky pieces of man-meat, and her love of wine and chocolate is legendary among her friends and family. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband and children.

Be sure to check out her bestselling BROKEN WORLD series, now on the top 100 book in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction on Amazon.


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    • Giselle

      Whoa I’m not sure what happened here haha that was totally not my comment (I think it’s what I copied to tweet and accidentally pasted it here instead of what I had written). I just noticed when I saw your reply email lol. Now I’ve no idea what I had actually written. Lol!

  1. Liberty Ann Ireland

    I’m back reviewing with two new blogs and still loving yours! One day we really have to meet!! You’ve convinced me, I need to read this one! Have a great day!

  2. Anna

    The quotes are powerful, but I’m not sure the story is for me. Can I remember that far back? hehehe

  3. kindlemom1

    I think I have these type of reads all the time LOL! I love when they happen though. Those stories that you just get lost in and love even though they are far from perfect. So glad this was one of those reads for you.

  4. Kristin

    This sounds like an interesting book. Too often the MC changes themselves when they get to college. So, I like that she didn’t but rather embraced all that the college experience had to offer. My one and only thing is your “bad”. I’m honestly getting sick and tired of these guy who run hot and cold in novels. It’s like a repeating thing in NA and it drives me nuts.

  5. Jaclyn Canada

    I’ve had that happen before. I’ve completely fallen in love with a book that was more about how it fit exactly what I wanted at that moment, and I wouldn’t honestly say everyone else would love it. I’m glad it worked for you…that’s what really matters.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I kinda love these kind of books. It’s like a little secret only a few would enjoy as much as you did.

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