Review: The Foul Mouth and the Headless Hunny by Richard Raley

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King Henry Tapes Series #4

by Richard Raley

Publisher: Self-Published (March 2014)
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Adult
Format: eBook (novel length)
Source: Free book from author for honest review
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Rating: ★★★★ (5 stars)

King Henry Price almost died last time around. Meteyos, Curator, the crazy just keeps on growing in his life. Entities in the One-in-a-Million World want answers. Ceinwyn Dale and the Lady might be easily misled with half-truths, but another power is older, wiser, and far less human.

The Divine Court of the vampires calls, King Henry Price. Who could possibly be sent to come and collect you?

At A Glance
What can I say, Raley is still a genius. This book is perfection.

The Good
First off, this is very much a series read. Gotta read the whole thing to enjoy this book. The writing style is very different. I love it. But it may not be for everyone. It may take time to get use to the whole set up: King Henry is tapping his experiences as one of those few who has elemental/’magical’ powers. The book goes back and forth between the tapes from his childhood and his adulthood. Okay, now that the lesson is done, let’s get this sh*t started!

King Henry is screwed. Though that seems to be the theme of every book, it never gets old. King Henry was getting all comfortable with his old flame, Val, and a somewhat normal life after not dying in his last battle, then BAM, Annie B ruins everything. Now King Henry is stuck having to help horrible vampires find some lost goods, well, human shells to be exact. Yes, in this world, vamps are just puddles of blood and they enter human shells to live amongst us. Not creepy at all, right? The more vamp society and politics King Henry has to endure, the more he would rather just bomb the whole f*cking disgusting race that sullies the earth. And I would have to agree. The things I learned in this book, the things I saw that could not be unseen, just yuck!

I love it when people think they can boss King Henry around because they are all scary and sh*t but in the end KH always wins. He always gets the last word, or last stab for that matter. He is such a hilarious and kickass character that I literally couldn’t stop moving around from excitement while reading this book.

King Henry just graduated from the school for ‘magical’ peeps. And now he gets to learn more about his brand of magic with even more school. Yay! But before that fun adventure starts, King Henry is stuck by himself during school break. Here comes Ceinwyn to save the day! Together, they go on a road trip to scout more potential ‘magic’ users (this magic stuff has fancy names but I think it would confuse those who have not read the series). I loved how close Ceinwyn and KH got during their little vaca. They always had this special bond since she recruited him when he was a child. But I think Ceinwyn saw KH in a whole different light as he actually followed through and accomplished all the goals she set out for him. Awww, so proud. The feels!

So yeah, everything was going smashing, then all of a sudden Raley ripped out my f*cking heart!!!! Why, why must it end like that? I was heartbroken with what happened between Ceinwyn and King Henry at the end. The whole book was leading up to it, and I kind of knew it was coming, but I was still not prepared. I f*cking cried!! Can I have the next book now to end the pain?

Writing: excellent. Plot: awesome. Action: amazing. Characters: f*cking loved. Everything: perfection.

The Bad
The book did get slow in a couple parts but it was barley noticeable.  

The Snuggly
Awwww, Val and King Henry sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G. I just love them together. I wish we got to see them do more couple-y things but that’s not the point of this book so no biggie. I just get excited that King Henry finally may get and KEEP his girl!

Some sexual situations but no sex. Lots of cussing though. Just the way I like it.

Final Thoughts
I get nervous recommending this series because, like I said, it’s very different. To me, it’s beyond mind blowing. I would hope everyone would give this series a chance because it is definitely a hidden gem. Highly recommended.

“I just don’t understand what he sees in you, dear. Not a hint of trouble on that noble soul, is there? So bright and shiny, it must make the monster in King Henry just scream in his cage.”

“Don’t call him a monster,” Val returned, eyes without iris losing any hint of a smile that had drifted upwards.

“But he is a monster. A beautiful monster.” Annie B poses for the whole room to get a better look at her shell. Breasts in profile, hips jutting past the edge of the chair. “Just like me. Well, not just like me. Even better. A monstrous human. A monstrous mancer. So much more…useful.”

“If you have business with King Henry, then you should stop by his shop tomorrow morning,” Val helpfully pointed out, “instead of coming here and starting a fight with me like a bitch in heat.”

Thank the Mancy, the margarita had arrived!

“Keep ’em coming!” I ordered before I started chugging.

Annie rolled her eyes at Val. “Who’s fighting? I’m merely giving observations different from your own. You say, bad boy with a heart of gold. I say, monster just waiting for his debut.”

“Did it hurt to be turned away after his curiosity about vampires was satisfied?” Val asked.


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    I love your 5 star reviews and you 1&2 star reviews. Your passion about the books is just awesome and always makes me smile 🙂 Not sure this book is for me but it sounds interesting and i am glad to hear you enjoyed it!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  2. Melliane

    Oh your enthousiasm is pleasant to see! I didn’t know the book but I’m glad it was that good! It’s interesting to learn so much about the main character like that. thanks for the discovery!

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