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by Karice Bolton

Publisher: Self-Published (April 2013)
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Young Adult
Format: Paperback (250 pages)
Source: Author for blog tour and honest opinion
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Rating: ★★★½☆ (3.5 Stars)

Emma has always tried to be perfect in her almost eighteen years of existence, but it has never been good enough. As she finds herself counting the days until she’s officially free from her parents’ reins, her stepfather hands her a plane ticket explaining that she must attend the Re-Boot Camp in the wilds of Alaska.

Once she lands in the middle of nowhere, she realizes the camp is nothing like she imagined, and she wants out immediately. That is until she meets Liam.

The camp is full of teens with dark pasts, but she finds herself drawn to Liam’s ability to see who she really is and who she wants to become. While Emma and Liam begin adjusting to a place neither wants to be, frightening events begin to unfold. When people begin disappearing, it becomes apparent they can only trust one another as they fight for survival.

At A Glance
The Camp was a fun, exciting, light read. Even with the okay writing, I still enjoyed myself.

The Good
This is so a lazy summer mystery read. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

First let me say that I was shocked by how horrible Emma’s stepdad was. He straight up tricked her into going to a rehabilitation camp for teenage criminals. She thought she was going to a conservation summer camp. Is that not horrible? So as you can guess, I was drawn in from the beginning. Can you imagine spending the summer with juvenile delinquents in the middle of nowhere, sleeping in tents? Yeah, no thank you. And if living with criminals wasn’t enough, something is out in the forest, taking the teens and doing God knows what with them. *shivers*

The mystery / suspense aspect was the best part of the book. I really didn’t know who was stealing the kids and why until the very end. The whole thing was creepy. I actually got the chills numerous times. I always put myself in the main characters position, and I don’t know if I could have held it together like Emma did.

Emma was surprisingly strong. She handles herself well and knows when to take charge. And for being a city girl, she did amazingly living in tents, taking cold showers, and doing other outdoorsy stuff. She also had a very sad backstory that made me feel for her even more. Her family life is not so good. When she met Liam I was so happy to see her open up to someone.

Liam was amazing. He is the kind of boyfriend any girl would want. He’s strong and knows how to use his hands. And I mean that in the cleanest way possible. Okay, maybe my mind is being a little dirty. 🙂 I loved his take charge attitude and how protective he was of Emma from the get-go. I could see how anyone would feel safe in his arms.

Emma and Liam made a great team. Together they could take on anything or anyone. I was actually excited to see how much this book focused on romance. I was in the mood for a good romance so it worked out. As the mystery unfolded I got more and more excited to see how it would all end. I am very happy I got to read The Camp and would read the sequel if one ever came out.

The Bad
This is a young adult book, and the writing felt like it too. It wasn’t bad, I just felt like the writing technique could have been better. There was some repetitiveness and I couldn’t help a couple eye-rolls while reading.

Also, there is literally no character development for any of the characters besides Emma and Liam. This is their book.

Be ready for a major case of insta-love. Emma and Liam were sleeping in the same tent the first night! No bumping and grinding, but still!

The Snuggly
Even though the insta-love was a little much, I still found Emma and Liam to be so adorable. They could barely spend two minutes apart. They actually made me want to giggle. I was so happy they had each other to figure out the mystery together.

Expect kissing and touching. And unwanted sexual touching.

Final Thoughts
I think most readers will find The Camp to be an exciting and cute read. Don’t get me wrong, many bad, dark things happen. But overall the romance was awww-worthy and the suspense was intense. Very recommended.

Before I could get control of my breathing something slammed against the right wall of the tent. I stood up immediately and grabbed a flashlight to shine on the tent wall. I couldn’t see anyone outside, but another slap on the tent confirmed someone was out there.

“Go away,” I screamed, flipped off the lantern but keeping the flashlight on.

A man’s deep voice growled with the wind and my veins filled wit terror. That was definitely not Liam. A finger began scratching the fabric of the tent drawing a straight line as the figure walked along the ten, taunting me.

“I’ll be watching you,” the voice murmured.

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33 Responses to “Review: The Camp by Karice Bolton (Blog Tour & Giveaway)”

  1. Jaclyn Canada

    I really enjoy a good surprise and sometimes a light read with a bit of romance is just what’s needed. The side character development and insta-love are definitely drawbacks, but it’s a good thing to know before diving into it. Excellent review! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

  2. sshah605

    I haven’t read a book by Karice Bolton but sure look forward to reading ‘The Camp’ because it sounds dark and mysterious filled with just the right amount of romance.

  3. kimbacaffeinate

    Great review and sometimes light and summery is a good thing. While I tend to gravity towards darker, older YA when I read them, I am sure this will delight younger fans. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Kbaby81

    I haven’t heard of this book/author before. From your review, I’m guessing she’s just getting started with writing. I love how you always point out the good/bad aspects. You weren’t rude in your review so that in itself makes me want to read this book. By you pointing out the writing style and repetitive word usage, maybe her next book will be even better. Great review!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      She has another series out in which the writing was not very good, but I can see an improvement in this book. I think this author is honing her craft well.

  5. BookLady

    I learned that Karice has a B.A. in Literature and History and lives in the Northwest. I found her Witch Avenue Series fascinating and look forward to reading The Camp.

  6. Meghan

    I have yet to read any of her books, sorry! That’s why I’m entering this giveaway, however! To rectify that!

  7. Andrea @The Bookish Babes

    I’ve read a few of the author’s other books, and liked them. I’m not much for scary stories, but I am intrigued over who was taking the kids. I’m glad you enjoyed The Camp, despite the few issues!

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