Review: The Beast Loves Curves by J.S. Scott

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Review: The Beast Loves Curves by J.S. ScottThe Beast Loves Curves by J.S. Scott
Series: Big Girls and Bad Boys #2
Publisher: Self-Published on May 17, 2012
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 39
Format: eNovella
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Rating: three-stars

After being cruelly and brutally dumped by her boyfriend for being overweight, computer programmer Abbie Wright has sworn off of men. The relationship had left her raw and wounded, crushing her already fragile self esteem. The last thing she needs is to work a special project for millionaire client, Ian Campbell. His previous employees call him “the beast” because of his difficult personality and the trials that his employees have to deal with in having him for a boss. Just what Abbie needs…having her spirit crushed by an ogre of a client. It was an assignment she couldn’t turn down…but she dreaded it. Abbie doesn’t know that she is in for a pleasant surprise when Ian turns out to be one of the finest men she has ever known. He nudges his way into her heart, but Abbie has a past and she knows a man like Ian would never want a plus sized woman like her. If she lets him get too close…he will destroy her completely.

Ian Campbell was still recovering from a near fatal racing accident that
had left him scarred and almost taken his life. Determined to open a
new charity foundation, he wants the best website for his foundation and he’s seen Abbie Wright’s work. He wants her for his project. After he
meets her in person and gets to know her intelligent, smart, sweet and witty personality, he wants her for much more than his project. He lusts for her full figured body and is addicted to her company. The problem is…Abbie won’t give him a chance. She spurns his advances and has no
interest in taking their budding friendship any further, but Ian has fallen
and he has fallen hard. He’s not sure if he can stand to let Abbie go.

As Ian and Abbie struggle through their misunderstandings and
insecurities, they will find out if two broken people can end up
being a perfect match.

At A Glance

Super short but super cute/sexy.

The Good

I like to read short erotica from time to time to mix things up and to get my fix. I am not looking for deep characters or complex plots. I just want to have fun and giggle at all the sex. The Beast Loves Curves did that for me.

I love when a big girl gets the hot guy. The story was super short but it got to the point. Abbie is getting over a bad breakup and Ian is getting over a bad racing accident. Together they find the connection they both crave.

The Bad

Even though I love a good short erotica read, this was REALLY short. And I wish there was more sex.

The Snuggly

This is so short we only get one sex scene. I know, sad face. It was sexy and tantalizing, though the hotness factor could have been amped up more.

Final Thoughts

Nothing special about this one but it is a fun, sexy, short read that will leave you smiling. Recommended.


Abbie giggled. “I guess it’s not a good thing that I put out before our first date.” She didn’t feel the least bit guilty. She felt like she had known Ian forever. “I think this is really putting the cart before the horse.”


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  1. Lekeisha

    I’m so stressed these days that I need something waaay more hot and steamy to read than this. Sounds nice, but I need more. I’m about to devour Gideon Cross right now.

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