Review: Tethered by Brandi Leigh Hall

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BirthRight Series #1

by Brandi Leigh Hall

Publisher: Self-Published (Oct 2013)
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, New Adult, Young Adult
Format: Paperback (273 pages)
Source: Free book from author for honest review
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Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2 stars)

No matter how hard you fight it—destiny has a mind of its own!

Since foreseeing the imminent death of her parents six years earlier, Chloe has lived a simple, not-so-charmed-life away from her remaining Wiccan family.

Zero magic.

No close friendships.

While struggling to bench-press more guilt than any nineteen-year-old ever should.

But fate intervenes and forces Chloe to return home. As if being an in-the-closet-Seer wasn’t bad enough, now she has to spend summer break with the snarky sister who hates her—and the magical birthright she was hell-bent on denying for all eternity.

Luckily, meeting Mr. Perfect takes the edge off her endless family drama. Hunter’s twenty-five, sometimes old-fashioned in a Jane Austen hero sort of way, and more delicious than molten-lava cake. But the more she tries to hide her family’s magical secrets from this ever-present stranger, the more quickly she realizes he’s hiding a few doozies of his own.

Will the lies and betrayal destroy their relationship before it really begins? Or will learning of their tethered future create an unbreakable bond neither can deny? Either way, their hearts will be forever entwined by destiny.

At A Glance
The concept was good but the dialogue was corny and the plot was boring.

The Good
I really was drawn in by the blurb. The concept just sounded fun and magical. And the magic part was pretty rockin’. The powers these people had in this book was badass. I almost felt let down to be human and not some magical witch by the end of the book.

Even when it was cheesy, the family dynamic in Tethered was heart-warming. I think anyone would feel lucky to have a family this close-nit and supportive.

The Bad
Tethered lost me as the dialogue and characters got cheesier and cheesier. I felt like I was watching an ABC family special. It was so corny and unrealistic. Everything was resolved with a group laugh. Seriously! No joke. Every single problem in this book was talked through and then everyone would laugh at how silly they were to begin with.

The plot and story were just boring. Nothing happened. There was a hint of future adventures but this book was just a family getting together for a dying grandpa. And with a little backstory drama thrown in. That’s it. Spoilery: And the ending was sooooo convenient. Literally, the bad person who caused trouble finally sees the error of his ways in a matter of minutes and all is forgiven. Ugh, gag me!

I was rolling my eyes almost every page. I just couldn’t stand the syrupy sweet stupidity of it all.

The Snuggly
Chloe was 19 and Hunter was 25 but they acted so much younger. I felt like I was reading a young adult book when it came to the romance, which isn’t a bad thing but just not what I expected from adult characters. And Chloe’s relationship issues were just stupid. There was NO reason for them. There is no sex scenes, just kissing and touching.

Final Thoughts
I hate talking bad about a book but I can’t help what I don’t like. This was so not for me. I can’t even think of anyone I would recommend this book to. If not for some cool witchy magic this would have been a one starer. Not recommended.

I’m twirling around the room with a tall dance partner. As we spin in circles, I see the same faces over and over–like I’m riding a merry-go-round.

They smile with the warmth of a friend, but the way it chills my blood frightens me.

“But if you should happen to change your mind about stalking me, please just give me a heads up first. I’d be more than happy to provide you with my itinerary. I know how daunting your schedule must be, so I wouldn’t want to subject you to any difficulties which might further endanger your well being.” I tilt my head, batting my baby blues for affect. “If you like, I could even leave a ladder outside my window…or binoculars in the tree across the street. You know…just in case.”

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  1. sherry fundin

    Hi Jennifer. I appreciate your honest review. Even though you didn’t like the book, your review could still help someone else to give it a try. Never know what peaks people’s interest. ^_^

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