Review: Tala (Wolf) by Adrianna Morgan

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Tala (Wolf)

Series: Book #1 of the Blue Moon Trilogy

by Adrianna Morgan

Publisher: Self-published (November 2011)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author (Review request)

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

Nineteen years after being viciously attacked, Layla is leading a fairly normal life. She is in college and is about to graduate and start her new life. That is until she meets her new mentee who is more than he seems, an old guy who may know what happened to her mother 19 years ago and the werewolf who tried to kill her. With the Blue Moon only a few months away, will she be able to channel her powers and fight or will she succumb to the darkness within her?

The Good
I have to say, this is one of the better plots I have read in a little while. I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed this story. But before I get into that, let’s do a little recap.

All Layla wants to do is finish college, get through each work day without slapping her horrible boss, and try to live a normal life. But that is not her fate. She has a much more dangerous and much more dramatic destiny ahead of her. But the question is, who can she trust? She has werewolves coming after her at every turn and friends who might not have her best interests in mind.

To be a hundred percent honest, the story didn’t grab me in the beginning. But once it got going, I was quite captivated till the end. Layla was a fun character that acted a little younger than her age. I loved that. Not every almost thirty year old is all sophisticated and well put together. Layla talks like she’s in high school. I think it made her more approachable and likable. But she also has this inner strength. I couldn’t imagine keeping it together while the world was crumbling around my ears. But Layla pulls it off. She puts on her big girl pants and faces her problems straight on.

Brett was also an all around appealing character. Sexy as hell, frisky and fun like Layla, and somewhat mysterious. He isn’t perfect, his past is anything but uncomplicated, and his secrets tend to add up. Then we have Suzette. Can anyone say B I T C H? A great villain that you will truly hate. Truthfully, these were the only characters that interested me. The rest kind of fade into the background because all your attention is on Layla and her life unfolding.

I have to give Morgan props on creating a well thought out plot and tantalizing story. I stayed up well into the morning hours reading, not willing to put the book down until there was a break in action and drama. Yeah, that never happened. The action was fast-paced and the mystery was intriguing. You will definitely be on an emotional roller-coaster when reading Tala.

The Bad
There are two reasons why Tala lost two stars. The writing was a bit amateur. Nothing majorly noticeable but obvious enough that I wanted to mention it. It lacked the finished (fully edited) feel of most published books. Occasionally, sentence structure was a little off and the dialogue could use some work. This bugged me more as a writer than a reader.

The ending left me dissatisfied. Again, this was something of a personal dislike, my own opinion that many may not agree with. I felt nothing was wrapped up or settled. I know in a series you have to leave a couple things open-ended for the next book, but at least a few things from the main plot need to be settled. I felt this book was about fighting for something that never came to be. It simply was not satisfying.

The Snuggly
One sex scene. Well written. I think this book had a more urban fantasy feel than paranormal romance.

I have to say I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series as well. I can easily see Morgan losing that novice writing style in time and producing some great pieces of work in the future. If anyone wants to read an interesting story that’s hard to put down, then this is the book for you.

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