Review: My Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall

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Review: My Summer Roommate by Bridie HallMy Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall
Publisher: Evernight Teen on September 19, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 136
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-stars

Chloe needs a place to crash for the summer before college. When Chris offers, she moves in with him. It’s just for two months, no biggie. But soon she realizes she may have made a mistake. He is too perfect; a former snowboarder, laid-back and kind to boot, and he’s smitten with her. But she’s got trust issues and a relationship feels daunting. When he keeps trying to win her over, the temptation becomes overwhelming.

Just as she gives in and decides it’s not worth fighting their emotions anymore, Chris reveals he’s made a stupid mistake which might ruin Chloe’s trust in him and tear them apart.

At A Glance

Good but nothing special.

The Good

My Summer Roommate is a good summer read. The concept was fun and simple. The characters felt genuine and full of emotions. I was surprised by who much feels I felt through the whole book. The character’s problems were simple and real. The kind of problems we bring on ourselves but that doesn’t make them any less important to us.

Chloe was a good mixture of easy going and complex. She felt so deeply it was hard sometimes to be in her head. Chris was amazing. He is pretty much the perfect guy. He cares a lot, is very thoughtful, and doesn’t give up on people.

The Bad

Even though I enjoyed this book, I wasn’t super excited about it. I was kind of bored for the most part. Almost nothing happens. The two characters like each other but take forever to get together, the end.

Chloe wasn’t my favorite character. She didn’t treat Chris how he should be treated. It was like she was toying with him and dragging him along, not on purpose, but still.

The Snuggly

This book feels very young adult in the sex department, but I would have labeled it new adult for the age of the characters. This is a pretty clean book, which kind of disappointed me. I wanted a little steam at least, but no such luck. The romance was lacking too. I wanted…more.

Final Thoughts

My Summer Roommate is an average book. Not bad, not amazing. I don’t regret reading it but I am not sure how many people can actually fall in love with this book. But still, somewhat recommend.


“He’s unreal. Even his flaws are great.”  


“I can avoid her, but there’s nothing I can do to stop feeling like this. Nothing I can do to stop thinking about her the way I imagine alcoholics think about their next drink, even dream about it.”  


“You know …”  She stares at her bare feet, then speaks again. “The shit we’ve been through … I think it was good that it happened. As stupid as this may sound, it made it possible for me to trust you. It’s like by breaking my heart you cracked me open, the real me, so I could come out of the shell. I’ve seen the worst that can happen when you trust someone and … I think I came out stronger. A better person, maybe.”  


“Ahh,” he moans, letting his head fall back onto the pillows. “You’re hopeless, and I’m hopelessly falling for you.”
For a moment, I feel my heart stop. But then I realize he’s joking. Which is good. Just great.
“You’ve known me for what, two weeks?” I say to support my claims. “You barely know me.”
“I don’t have to know you for twenty years to know you, Chloe.”


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14 Responses to “Review: My Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    I struggle with reading summer theme books this time of year because it’s hard to get in the zone when you’re freezing your butt off. LMAO! This story sounds kind of run-of-the-mill which isn’t a very good selling point, especially if the romantic aspects were lacking. At least it’s short!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, I don’t know, I think it’s fun to read summer books when it’s cold. Changes things up.

  2. Olivia

    I remember seeing you do a book blitz of this book and mentioning how you wanted to review it. Which means I had to check out the review! I like the looks of this book! It seems like a sweet romance, but it’s a shame it got a tad boring in some parts :/ I think I might skip this because it doesn’t seem very special…

    Check out my latest review:

  3. Molly Mortensen

    I’m always hesitant when the love interest is too perfect. I can understand having trust issues so Chloe probably wouldn’t bother me, but only 136 pages and you were bored, not a good sign.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, you would think with such a short book it would have been more exciting.

  4. Melliane

    I’m sorry you were bored for a good part of the story… quite difficult thing. I didn’t know about the book but not sure for now. thanks for the review!

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