Review: Split by J.B. Salsbury

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Review: Split by J.B. SalsburySplit by J.B. Salsbury
Publisher: Headline Eternal on November 15, 2016
Genres: Romance, Suspense, Dark, Adult
Pages: 416
Format: eARC
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Rating: four-stars
Heat: three-half-flames

What do you do when you wake up with no memory of what you did last night?

Lucas spent the first half of his life protecting himself from others, but now his own mind is his biggest enemy. He doesn't know what happens when the blackouts overtake him, but he can recall the feelings--the rage, the confusion, the fear. Thankfully the quiet life he's found in Payson, Arizona has kept the darkness at bay. Until his boss's estranged daughter shows up in town, asking questions she shouldn't and sparking a desire Lucas can't control. Getting close to Shyann is the best thing that's ever happened to him, but when his blackouts return, unleashing the truth he's battled so long to hide, he may just lose her forever . . .

At A Glance

A unique story that I couldn’t put down.

The Good

Shyann has to return to her small town home after getting fired from her big city reporting job. To Shyann, this is almost a fate worse than death. *rolls eyes* (Seriously, she really thought this way) Now stuck working at her dad’s construction site, the only shining light is the mysterious Lucas.

Lucas can’t afford to feel any emotion. The last time he felt too much he blacked out with no clue of what he did during the lost time. All he knows is he’s bad to the core and he can’t help it. That’s why he has to stay far away from Shy. She tempts him, makes him feel more than he should. Bad things happen when Lucas get’s too caught up in his emotions.

No big secret, Lucas has a split personality. Duh. Lucas is great though. He’s super quiet and obviously a loner, but I totally see what Shy sees in him. He’s a mystery, a challenge. But Gage, oh boy, when he comes to play, things get so much more interesting…and dangerous. I seriously love/hate him. He did some things to Shy that are unforgivable, but you kind of have to because he’s also Lucas, and Lucas is awesome!

Though this is a romance, there is some great suspense and action throughout the story. Oh, and some good mystery and secrets to be revealed as well. Lucas and Shy work so well together. They may be unconventional but they just make sense for some reason. The story as a whole was enthralling! I could not put the book down. I am so happy I got to read Split.

The Bad

It took awhile for me to warm up to Shy. She was very judgmental and she thought she was better than everyone else. I didn’t like the attitude.

The Snuggly

I love how Gage was rough and Lucas was sweet in the sex department. The best of both worlds for Shy…and for me. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Split is a must read. It has a great unconventional romance with some good suspense on the side. I wish it would be turned into a series. Though this book did end kind of perfectly.


“You own me, Shy. Take what’s yours. Everything good in me, it’s all for you.”
“If that’s true…” Her forehead drops to mine on a long moan. “Let me have the bad too. I want it all.”
I’m panting, holding back the orgasm that’s about to blow through my body, but I grin. “Greedy.”
“For you? Always.”

“Who is Gage, Lucas?”
His body tenses and he slowly pulls back. His chin is down and he glares at me through heavy-lidded eyes that are on fire with an emotions I can’t name.
A tendril of fear winds its way up my spine, racking my body with an intense shiver. I can’t explain how I know, and it makes no sense, but… “You’re not Lucas,” I whisper.
He shakes his head, slowly, deliberately keeping our gazes locked.


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10 Responses to “Review: Split by J.B. Salsbury”

  1. Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous)

    This sounds like a great book to keep you on the edge of your seat. I would probably get annoyed with Shy’s attitude though. I recently tried reading a book where the leading female thought she was “the shit” and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore and wound up not finishing the book because of it. I’m glad that wasn’t the case for you with this book.

    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I do hate stuck up, better than everyone MCs. It’s hard to get over that kind of attitude.

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