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Sinclair Series #1


by Jaymin Eve

Publisher: Self-Published (July 2014)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Format: eBook (306 pages)
Source: From blog tour for honest review
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Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5 stars)

I live my life by two rules. Never trust anyone and you don’t need a weapon when you are one.

Melodee Lee aka Songbird

Melodee Lee is not your average twenty-three year old. Her parents were government trained assassins and the base definition of evil. The best thing they ever did was leave her an orphan at thirteen.

Life’s circumstances have honed her into a strong, independent outsider. She’s made it a point to never settle down, and trust is the last thing she gives. Utilizing her only skill, she makes money in the underground cage fighting scene and anyone who doesn’t like it … well, Melodee can kick their ass as well.

Nathan Sinclair is a man with the world at his fingertips. His family is rich, politically connected and owns half of Syracuse, NY. A rising basketball star, set to be signed by the NBA, the last thing he needs is a woman with attitude crashing into his life.

Tragic circumstances bring these two people together when their worlds should never have collided. Will Nathan be the man to show Melodee that trust and a real home are not as unattainable as she believes? Or will his own demons and Sinclair family drama destroy the life they could have before it has begun?

Note from author – This is a full length, standalone HEA romance. It is recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

At A Glance
Yay, assassins!!! Loved this book even if it was a little cliché in parts.

The Good
Melodee was raised by assassins, enough said. For those of you who know me, then you know that once the word assassin graces a book blurb, I am on it like a fangirl on Edward Collin (Yes, I realize the actor has a real name, but he shall always be Edward to me. This does not mean I am a fangirl…I swear!). I went into this book blind and when I saw that Melodee was trained by assassins and that she was a cage fighter I about peed my pants. I hit bookish jackpot! The intro scene was freaking awesome, all punchy and unemotional, and the book only got better from there.

Melodee grew up learning how to fight, how to survive, and how to kill. But she doesn’t use her powers for evil like her parents did. She has separated herself from society by keeping to herself and only entering cage fights to ensure a warm bed and some food. She also spent some time in the foster care system and because of attempted abuse, she has learned to stay away from people, to never let anyone hurt her again. I loved Melodee in every way. She was so freaking strong and competent. I love a girl who can take down a boy in two seconds flat. When circumstances leads to Melodee staying with an up-and-coming basketball star and taking care of a baby, her world changes drastically. These two start to crack the hard shell around her heart. Melodee starts to face her past and embrace her future. It was amazing to watch her change and become vulnerable and stronger at the same time.

I loved Nathan. He’s cocky but not in a douchbag way. He has a huge heart and I loved how Melodee made him all weak in the knees. Nathan was all about the feels when it came to Melodee, she disarmed him in every way. It was like he was looking for someone like her all his life but never realized it. Together, they were an adorable couple. Giving strength when needed and pushing the other when they were acting crazy. And the sweetest baby ever, Jewel, only made them solidify their bond faster. Nothing like taking care of a baby together to help you fall in love!

Nathan’s brothers were just as cocky and heartwarming. There is no way you could hold back your laughter every time they stomped their way into the scene and took over. The storyline appealed to me greatly. The action, when there was some, was awesome and suspenseful. The writing was good as well. I want to read more already.

The Bad
There were a lot of cliché moments that brought the badassery of this book down quite a bit.

I wish Melodee was a little more badass throughout the novel. She got a little too gushy for me near the end.

The Snuggly
Yummy, yummy sex. If you ever wondered what kind of sex a basketball star and a trained assassin have, the you have come to the right place. 😀 Hint: they have hot, sweaty, frenzy sex! For a NA audience and up.

Final Thoughts
I have a feeling this might be a top favorite series for me. I loved all the characters, so I can’t wait to read all their stories. I wish I could have given this book 5 stars, I almost did because I loved it that much. But I can’t help but be all book bloggery and point out the flaws. But in the end, this is a must read. Very recommended.

Charles interrupted their argument. “How about you all pull your heads out of your asses and say hello to Melodee. She has the ability to kick any of you in the balls before you can even blink, so maybe don’t ignore her.”

“I’m not your charity case, Nathan, I don’t need you.”
He remained passive, watching her, waiting for the tirade to end. “Have you ever thought that I need you?”

“I always wanted to own a horse, or any pet, really,” Melodee said, a smile gracing her full lips, before disappearing just as abruptly. “I asked on my sixth birthday, but my present ended up a little different.”
“What did you get?”
“Forty-eight hours tied up in their basement prison. If I escaped before I starved I could pick one of the handguns to call my own.”

Author Bio
Jaymin Eve is a 29 year old with a passion for reading, writing and arithmetic … okay maybe not the last one but definitely the first two.

Living on the beautiful Gold Coast, in Australia, the family loves spending lots of time on the beach. And travelling as frequently as possible.

When Jaymin isn’t trying to wrangle two daughters, a puppy and her husband, you will find her hiding in a corner trying desperately to write her stories (without little fingers pressing random keys). She asks forgiveness if you notice the occasional sskkkkssjs appearing in her book, her children are proud of their contribution.

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  1. Jaclyn Canada

    Assassins! Not only are they fun, but that word is just a ball of fun as well. The relationship sounds like a fitting one, bringing out the best of each other is what’s needed. So glad you enjoyed it 😀 Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

  2. Chanpreet

    An athlete and assassins sounds like a very interesting mix. I can’t wait to read and find out exactly how interesting they are together!

  3. Ashley Robertson

    Not only do I LOVE the super sexy cover, but also the blurb sounds very interesting. And of course, any book Jen rates over 4 stars is definitely one worth reading! Awesome job and thanks for the giveaway 🙂 ~A

  4. Braine TS

    I think I would want Melodee to be badass too because she’s been raised by assassins not unless they raised her to be a pony/unicorn/glitter/rainbow lover?

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