Review: Shifting Selves by Mia Marshall

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Elements Series #2

by Mia Marshall

Publisher: Match Books (April 2013)
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Adult
Format: eBook (342 pages)
Source: Free book from publisher for honest review
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Rating: ★★★☆ (4 stars)


Aidan Brook’s world was shattered when the actions of a brutal murderer revealed long-buried secrets about her past–secrets even she didn’t know. A powerful elemental, Aidan discovered she possesses the wrong kind of magic. It’s a secret that could cost her sanity—or even her life.
What she needs is some peace and quiet. What she gets is a phone call from a division of the FBI so secret it doesn’t even have a name, asking for her help with a series of shifter disappearances.
Before Aidan can settle into a new routine of pancakes and evenings by the fire, the case develops claws. She quickly finds herself caught between uptight bears, deadly mountain lions, overprotective parents, and unhappy federal agents. Throw in a stalled romance with an enigmatic shifter and the slow dissolution of her chosen family, and it’s hard to say which will drive her mad first: her magic, or her chaotic life.

At A Glance
Loving the characters and the action, not loving the stalled romance.

The Good
I loved Broken Elements and I loved Shifting Selves just as much. Yay, a second book in a series that was actually as good as the first. Finally! The mystery was pretty good. I loved learning more about the shifters in this world. And guess what? We got otters!!! Otter shifters are so adorable, so crude, and so snarky, I just simply fell in love.

In Broken Elements, we find out that Aidan has two elemental powers, water and fire. Well, that is not good because every other multi-elemental has gone insane. Something fun to look forward to, right? *snickers* Well, at least she has her friends’ support. They all help her in controlling her fire’s temper. Because when she uses fire, she can feel her sanity slipping, and she can feel herself becoming someone else, something else. Something with no limits and no care. Yeah, being the sick person that I am, Scary Aidan was my favorite Aidan. Scary Aidan got things done. Got to love the efficiency of sociopathic personas!

The action and writing were good. I was surprised by the reveal of the culprits. That’s what I love about this series so much, I can never predict what is going to happen or ‘who done it.’ But the ending was the best. Scary Aidan came out to play and I liked it. And, wow, there are some changes happening and I am interested to see how Mia handles them in the next book, which I am reading soon. But I am sad to see what’s happening to the group. Aidan really relied on her friends for pretty much everything, and after this book, I don’t think that’s possible anymore. 🙁

The Bad
I love Mac and Aidan together. Oh wait, they’re not together yet. Why, you may ask, after they got so close in Broken Elements? I don’t effing know. So many excuses, so much unnecessary avoidance. I just didn’t get it. And you know me, I am so cool with urban fantasy not having much romance, but everything was leading to Mac and Aidan finally getting together. And all be got was a whole bunch of vagina teasing. That’s right, Mia, you vagina teaser! Woah, that got weird. Mac and Aidan just kept running in circles with their feelings and not talking things out and I just kind of gave up. Even when it looked like they might finally insert P into V, there were interruptions that just made me want to pull my hair out.

The mystery element wasn’t as well done as the first book. Close, but not quite.

The Snuggly
If you read The Bad then you already know how I felt about the snuggly. However, the part were they got the closest to making the beast with two backs, that was my favorite scene in the whole book. Effing hilarious, and some interesting reveals. Still appropriate for a NA and adult audience.

Final Thoughts
I can’t wait to read book #3. This series has a nice blending of paranormal, mystery, and a touch of romance, even if the romance is at no-go right now, aka, I WANT SEX! Sorry, that wasn’t me, that was Scary Jennifer. She is horny. Anyway, please try this series out if you are an UF lover. So worth it. Very recommended.

Fire came instantly to attention, hissing and crackling, demanding release. It shot upwards along my spine, warming my flesh and bone with it’s touch and coiling tightly around my mind. My vision narrowed until I only saw a woman standing before me, begging to be set alight. My palms tingled, and head worked its way into my fingers, seeking release. For a moment, I vanished completely, and the other self took over. I felt fire’s grin spread across my face, its sharp gaze peering through my eyes.

It was pure, joyous power, and it was terrifying.

“So, just to be clear. I was about to sleep with a man who won’t tell me his name, who doesn’t have a full-time job, and is a lazy bum who sleeps through several months of the year?”

He nodded, his face wary. “That’s about right, yes.”

I pointed to the trees he’d indicated a moment before. “So, race through there and meet at the trailer? Last one still wearing cloths losses.”

I was out of the car in a heartbeat, but not before I saw the grin crawl across his face.
Elements Series:
Book #2: Shifting Selves

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26 Responses to “Review: Shifting Selves by Mia Marshall”

  1. Braine TS

    A whole bunch of vagina teasing… how sexually frustrating! And I agree with Brandi, I hope you get your fix soon!

  2. Melanie

    Hah, i know how it feels when you root for two people to get together but they never end up getting together until 5 books later lol.

    Lovely review, Jennifer! <33

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Really, when I think about it, it’s not the actual sex scene, even if it was glossed over, that’s cool, but the waiting was annoying.

  3. Tabitha (Pabkins)

    I think the length of time the romance takes might get to me after all – but not being able to figure out the villains could totally be worth it.

  4. Mia Searles

    Hey Jen!

    Wow, how have I missed this series? And dude, I had to laugh towards the end of your review. My name is Mia and the author’s name is Mia and since my name is kinda rare (although it is making a comeback), I swear to you, when you said, “Mia, you vagina teaser!” I perked up and was like, wow, how am I a vagina teaser?!?! Then I realized, DUH, the author’s name is Mia lol. I’ve had a very strange day and that just totally sent me over the edge hahaha!

    Anyway, I’ll be starting an urban paranormal romance called The Fox’s Mate soon. It sounds like something you would love, so I promise to keep you in the loop. I’m going to be doing a cover reveal for it later this month. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    Mia @ The Muses Circle

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