Review: Run Wild by Shelly Thacker

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Review: Run Wild by Shelly ThackerRun Wild by Shelly Thacker
Series: Escape with a Scoundrel #1
Publisher: Summit Avenue Books on April 21, 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Adult
Pages: 350
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-stars

A sexy pair of scoundrels run from the law--shackled together by an unbreakable iron chain.

Nicholas Brogan is an ex-pirate with years of sin branded on his soul. Samantha Delafield is a high-born lady turned devious thief. Captured by His Majesty's marshals, the two are on their way to the gallows until they stage a daring escape and run for their lives--shackled together by an iron chain that quickly proves unbreakable.

Forced to work together to survive, the outlaws find themselves locked in a battle of fierce wills and fiery passions. From a remote forest in Staffordshire to a secret hideout in London's most elegant square, they must learn to trust one another as they face old enemies, dark secrets... and discover a love more priceless than any gem they've ever stolen.

At A Glance

Loved the adventures, didn’t like the corny ending.

The Good

An ex-pirate and a lady thief are shackled together as they run for their lives from the law, a sicko uncle, and a blackmailer. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

I loved Samantha and Nicolas’s misadventures together. They really hated each other in the beginning. It was bad. Sam tried to frame Nicolas for her thievery. Little wench. Nicolas planned on killing Samantha because she knew too much. Bastard. So as you can see, there was no love lost between these two for some time. But once they saved each other’s lives, a bond started to form. Can’t help that.

Sam was one hell of a spitfire though her growing love for Nicolas softened her up a bit. Nicolas was rough around the edges because of his past, but his heart grew for Sam despite his best efforts. I wasn’t sure about these two for some time but I ended up loving them together. Two runaways finding a home together.

The Bad

The ending was unrealistic for me. I like a happy ending as mush as the next gal, but this one was just too goody-goody/corny. Conflicts like these are not so easily resolved. The big drama and one of the main bad guys just fell short for me in every way by the end.

The Snuggly

There wasn’t too much smooshy-smooshy but the sexual tension was always there. The sex scenes were good but nothing special.

Final Thoughts

A good but not great historical romance. Liked the characters but not the convenient resolution. Recommend.


But, Nicolas decided, it would be worth one bullet to be rid of the girl.

He loaded the pistol.

She inhaled sharply. “W-what are you doing now?” Her eyes searched his face. “What do you intend to–“

He flicked off the safety and stepped away from her. Two paces. His hand seemed a bit steadier now.

She looked stricken, her panic returning. “What are you going to–“

He aimed and fired before she finished the sentence. The sharp burst of noise wasn’t nearly as loud as the girl’s scream.

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22 Responses to “Review: Run Wild by Shelly Thacker”

  1. kindlemom1

    I love a good HEA as well but I want them to be realistic to the story and not be too much sunshine and rainbows. 😉

    Wonderful review Jennifer!

  2. Braine

    i like the antagonistic start on their relationship, but I agree with you. Romances like this should not end with a tidy bow, if anything, an open ended one would be more realistic
    Considering the couple’s crazy start

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Very true, I would have preferred an open ended one, and I hate open ended endings.

  3. Lekeisha

    I’m hesitant to read historical romances, as the covers can draw me away. I used to sneak and read them when I was in high school because my aunt and her daughter had lots of them on their shelves. I guess I need to just grab one with an ugly cover and go for it. I may get surprised. I’ll pass on this one for now.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, It took me some time to get into historical romances. They are all similar but some are really unique and good.

  4. Kristin

    Ahhhh! No corny endings. LoL Gah. I like HEA too but not if they are corny. In that case, I’d be perfectly happy with a un-happily ever after. :\ This sounded promising too with the ex-pirate and thief combo. Ah well…

  5. kimbacaffeinate

    Corny endings..well boo. I dislike those and the ones that solve the problem, look like happy only to go on for another 40 pages with a new drama before once again we are happy.

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