Review: Revelations by Jennifer Carole Lewis (Giveaway)

Posted April 23rd, 2015 in book review / 20 comments

Review: Revelations by Jennifer Carole Lewis (Giveaway)Revelations by Jennifer Carole Lewis
on January 30, 2015
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Rating: two-stars

For millennia, the lalassu have existed at the fringes of society, hiding in the shadows. But someone is determined to drag them into the light.

Dani has spent years fighting against her family’s urges to take on the mantle of High Priestess for the lalassu. Stronger and faster than any ordinary human, she has no interest in being a guide for her people. She likes being independent and enjoys her night-job as a burlesque dancer. But a darker secret lurks inside of her, one which threatens everyone around her.

Isolated and idealistic, Michael works as a developmental therapist for children, using his psychometric gifts to discover the secrets they can’t share with anyone else. When one of his clients is kidnapped, he will do almost anything to rescue her. The investigation leads him to a seedy little performance club where he is shocked and thrilled to discover a genuine live superhero.

Michael and Dani must join forces to save those they care about from becoming the latest victims of a decades-long hunt. But the fiery chemistry between them threatens to unlock a millennia-old secret which could devour them both.

The clock is ticking and they will be faced with the ultimate hero’s choice: save the world or save each other?

At A Glance

Started out good but fell flat in the end.

The Good

The beginning was very good. Revelations captured my attention right away. I loved learning about some of the characters, especially the bad guy. He was a real piece of work. The succubus theme always gets me interested. Dani has a hell of a time keeping her darker half reeled in, but we learn there is more to it later on. I did like how our sweet Michael empowered Dani like no one else could. Very cute. The supernatural powers certain people kept things intriguing as well.

The Bad

This would have been a 3 star book if not for the ending. All that work up, all that time spent for one goal, all that time thinking there was going to be an epic battle, and it fell limp. View Spoiler »

It wasn’t a bad book, I just felt nothing towards most of the characters. I didn’t care what happened to them. I felt blah about the whole thing.

The Snuggly

I honestly didn’t feel much for Dani and Michael as a couple. There wasn’t enough spark for me. We get some sex, nothing special.

Final Thoughts

I really did enjoy myself in the beginning, but then it was a slow trickle of averageness with a bad ending that didn’t fit my tastes. Not really recommended, but I can see some people loving this book.


“You don’t have to be afraid of the dark,” Dani whispered, the refrain familiar from their childhood.

“Because you’re nastier than anything else out there.” Gwen smiled, twisting around.

“Damn fucking right.” Dani smoothed her sister’s wet hair against her skull, smiling back.


Though this book wasn’t to my taste, I can see others really getting into it. Here are some giveaway the author is running if you are interested. (Rafflecopter is being wonky, just click the link below if you can’t see the whole thing. It’s worth it since the author is giveaway away a $20 Amazon gift card!)

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20 Responses to “Review: Revelations by Jennifer Carole Lewis (Giveaway)”

  1. Braine

    im thinking the author intended for the ending to be a teaser or cliffie or something to get you reading the next book. Obviously it didn’t turn out that way for you. What a let down

    • Jennifer Bielman

      For me, it just pissed me off It’s not a cliffhanger, it was like the whole book was for nothing. Start from square one.

  2. kindlemom1

    I’m so sad the middle and ending were crap, darn it. This really did sound like it would be a good read. Hope your next read is better.

  3. Victoria

    Guilty pleasure.. TVD.. I’m a grown woman obsessed with a show directed at teenagers *sigh* #IamNotAshamed lol

  4. Melissa (My words and pages)

    I’m confused by the cover…I don’t know what’s going on with her hair. I’m sorry, I’m distracted by that. But… *sigh*

    Thanks for sharing about this one.

  5. Ana Death Duarte

    Dance like no one’s watching is surely one of my guilty pleasures 😛

  6. Melliane

    Oh that’s just so sad that the end made you feel different about the whole story… it’s always bad when you’re disappointed with the last pages.

  7. Olivia

    Oh it’s a shame you couldn’t love this book as much as you hoped to. I mean, it does sound like it started out pretty great but then it started to deteriorate because of the ending. I hope I will enjoy it a bit more when I read it!

  8. The Cosy Dragon

    Hate it when that happens, starts of good and then the ending doesn’t live up to expectations. Cover looks great too. Thanks for the review!! 😀

  9. Jaclyn Canada

    I’ll pass on this one. I like falling in love with the characters and a good conclusion. Sorry it started great, but ended meh. Great review!

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