Review: Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington

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Review: Playing With the Drummer by Robin CovingtonPlaying With the Drummer by Robin Covington
Series: Head Over Heels #3
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence on December 29, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Pages: 236
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Rating: three-stars
Heat: two-half-flames

Entertainment journalist Lita Matthews is on the verge of making it big. As in her-own-TV-show big. She just needs amazing inside scoop on the year's hottest celebrity wedding. Instead, her big break is becoming a big nightmare—all thanks to rock star Rocky Cardano. Who apparently hasn't gotten over what happened between them four years ago... Rocky is pretty damn familiar with just how far Lita will go for a “scoop.” Hell, their unbelievably hot hook-up in Mexico years ago was the story of a lifetime. Rocky's learned his lessons. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her from the story—even if he has to seduce her to the point of distraction! But Lita has always had a way of getting under his skin. Only this time, he won't be able to just walk away...

At A Glance

An average contemporary romance.

The Good

I didn’t know this was part of a series, so I haven’t read the first two books. I am not sure if reading the first two would have changed my opinion, but Playing With the Drummer could be read as a standalone in my opinion.

Lita, the strong, ambitious reporter, and Rocky, the brooding drummer, had a magical weekend 4 years ago, then Lita made a mistake and Rocky has never forgiven her, like the little bitch he is. Whoa, were did that come from?

I loved Lita. She is obsessed with advancing her career as a reporter and gives zero fucks what people think. But she knows she isn’t without her faults. She owns up to her mistakes and tries to make them right. Rocky really, really resents what Lita did all those years ago and it’s hard for him to get over. Having her follow him and the band around with a camera and lots of questions isn’t helping. Lita just want’s to do her job: spin a positive story on the upcoming wedding of Rocky’s band mate and her best friend’s sister.

Lita and Rocky butt heads a lot because of Rocky’s stubbornness, but eventfully things mellow out and they realize their attraction and passion 4 years ago is still alive today. I started liking Rocky more when he began letting go of things, but the big drama near the end devastated me, and left me dying to plow through to the end as fast as possible. Even though the ending was a bit cheesy, it left me satisfied.

The Bad

There was nothing special about this book. I have read 100 like it before. It also got really cheesy in the second half. Lita and Rocky getting back together was too easy and so was the ending. It was like the first half was super angsty and they were pissed at each other all the time, then the second half was like everything is forgiven without anything really being resolved. I found all this very annoying.

The Snuggly

We get some sex and it was hot, but nothing special.

Final Thoughts

I feel like I can sum up Playing With the Drummer with ‘nothing special but still decent.’ I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy this book but if you got it for free, try it out. Not really any music stuff going on, it’s more like a behind the scenes story. Pretty interesting. Kind of recommended.


“Four years hadn’t cooled down any of the feelings he brought out in her. They were wrapped up in the freedom of their beginning and the death spiral of how they ended.”

“Lita had been the brightest part of his life for those few days. And she still glowed on his periphery, minimized but never dimmed.”

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20 Responses to “Review: Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington”

  1. Braine

    I like formula reads sometimes when I want something easy. But like what you said, this is dime a dozen and it does get cheesy fast.

  2. Nathan

    To bad there was nothing special in this book. As you said if you can get it for free, try it but don’t break the bank on it.

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    I definitely don’t mind cheesy if it fits the story. I’m also more of a sucker for a lightening and thunder book with a rainbows and glitter ending.

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