Review: Pierced by J.C. Mells

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Pierced Series #1

by J.C. Mells

Publisher: Self-Published (April 2013)
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, New Adult
Format: eBook (333 pages)
Source: Free book from author for honest review
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Rating: ★★★½☆ (3.5 stars)

Imagine the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Betty Crocker.

That’s Pierce in a nutshell.

Pierce has been on the run for two years from the man who held her captive in a vampire compound for almost a decade. Life on the run would be a lot simpler if she didn’t suffer from several social disorders and ‘quirks’, have a ten-year-old brat in tow, as well as have two characters from a 1945 classic film living in her head and guiding her at every turn.

At A Glance
I think my mind was blown a little. Pierced has so many problem, but for some reason it worked in the end.

The Good
WTF did I just read? I still don’t know but I know I loved it. If it weren’t for the problems I had in The Bad this story was so a 5 starer (Yes, I realize I am pointing out the obvious). The concept just blew my mind. Pierce is the single most interesting character I have ever come across. She has so many effed up problems because of the abuse she endured by Dorian, a wanna-be vampire. She has two characters who live in her head, Mildred and Veda Pierce (I love the movie Mildred Pierce by the way) because they were the only people there for her and helped her deal with what was happening to her at such a young age. I have to admit, the abuse was hard to take and read about. It was handled well, but still, I got the chills every time. You will HATE Dorian. But back to Pierce. She is such a great character to get behind. She has faults but she tries to be better, she tries to do everything and anything for the people she cares about. And she can kick ass, which is always fun.

I loved watching Pierce on the road with 10-year-old Mia, who she saved from the disgusting clutches of Dorian. Mia was so grown up for her age, but she was also so immature at the same time. It was perfect. Mia is almost like an adult because she does have to deal with adult situations that make her grow up fast, but she also has that need to be with kids her age and just have fun. I think Pierce did the best she could with the kid, even if it didn’t always seem that way to Mia.

When Pink and the crew come into the picture, I was obsessed with this book even more. His involvement is complicated so I will just say, he is a complex, grumpy, and kind individual. He has his own demons he has to deal with and Pierce is another complication he does not want. But who can resist a priced, droopy faced, tatted up girl like her?  (Yeah, you heard me right. Thought I would spring that on ya ninja like) I am so into Pink, I can’t wait to get to know him more in the next book.

I loved as the mystery of Pierce and her family came to light ever so slowly. Mells knows how to build tension, make us ask questions, and keep us on the edge of our seat. I felt satisfied by what was finally revealed at the end, but the cliffhanger was KILLER. But it worked, because I am so excited for the next book.

The Bad
First, the beginning was boring and slow. I almost DNF’ed this book because I didn’t know where any of the story was going for the longest time and the info-dumps were so heavy. I understand why Pierce thought about certain things in such detail (she remembers everything, she has social disorders, and she has multiple personalities) but as a reader it was too much and slowed down the book almost to an excruciating level.

To be honest, I started skipping when Pierce talked with her other personalities in her head. It was funny in the beginning but I just wanted to get to the meat of the story by the end. It happened way to often for my taste.

There is very little action until about 80% in and then it takes off. But I think many readers will give up by then, which is a shame. I think there was too much time spent on flashbacks than on the current situation.

The Snuggly
There is very little to almost no romance in this book.  But there is something building between Pierce and Pink and I am very excited about that. I hope they get together in the next book.

Final Thoughts
Pierced is not for everyone. You have to give it time, let it unfold slowly. But it is well worth the wait. I had to skip some pages of inner-dialogue with the multi-personalities and unnecessary details, but I still loved the story and concept 100%. Recommend for some.

“Never show anyone what you can do. Never. If you slip up and anyone questions you about it, you tell them you have Asperger’s. Do you understand me?”

“You are strong, you are a fighter, he will not know this, and you will win. Men will always underestimate the supposed weaker sex, even if they suspect them to be dangerous.”

Pink, bouncing lightly on his feet, extends his arm towards me and gives me a beckoning ‘bring it on’ gesture.
I gasp to Veda. Did he just Matrix me? He f**king just Matrixed me didn’t he?
Yup, Veda answers. Cheeky a**hole – go kick his butt!


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