Review of For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

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For A Few Demons More

Book #5 of the Hollows Series

by Kim Harrison

Published: Harper Voyager – November 2007
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 512 (paperback)

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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 stars)

Despite dating one vampire and living with another, Rachel Morgan has always managed to stay just ahead of trouble . . . until now.

A fiendish serial killer stalks the Hollows, claiming victims across society, and the resulting terror ignites a vicious Inderland gang war. And while the ancient artifact Rachel is hiding may be the key to stopping the murderer, revealing it could also create a battle to the death among the numerous supernatural races that live in and around Cincinnati.

For every action has its price, and when the vampire master Piscary is set free and the demonic Algaliarept dares to walk openly under the sun, even Rachel Morgan can’t hide forever.

The Good
Rachel is not having a good day. She wakes up to find a demon in her kitchen, which should be impossible since demons can’t enter sanctified churches (Rachel lives in a church). Werewolves are being murdered and it might have something to do with the Focus, a demon artifact, which Rachel happens to be hiding away from the many things after it. Oh, and pretty much everyone is out to get Rachel for some reason. Yup, just another day in the life of.

This book starts off very promising. Rachel finds Newt (demon) in her kitchen, looking for something. Newt is like the most interesting character ever. A demon with Alzheimers is how I often think of her. Bad combination but makes for scary and interesting moments. When a demon who can kill you with no more than a flick of their hand, it’s vital whether they remember if they like you or not. Just saying.

The main plot is on the Focus. It can turn humans into Weres, which the vampires don’t like. It has always been that vampires can turn humans into vamps, but all other races have to birth their own race, leaving vamps to outnumber all other Inderlanders. So the vamps want to destroy the Focus while the Weres want to possess it. And Rachel is standing right in the middle. Not a good place to be.

We definitely have some good character development in this story. Rachel and Ivy’s relationship is moving along. Though it is still confusing, I feel the two of them are starting to find a balance.

Trent and Ceri (elves) finally meet. That was something I had been waiting for since Ceri has shown up. Plus, you can’t help but laugh out loud with what happens at Trent’s wedding. Now that was classic.

For the most part I couldn’t put this book down. The action is fast-paced. The surprises and plot twists are abundant, and the drama is non-stop.

The Bad
Be prepared for a bad editing job. Also, Rachel is still not developing as a character, she often makes the same bad decisions.

Many of the characters were pushing Rachel to finally have sex with Ivy. I found this disturbing. It just didn’t sit well with me.  Let Rachel decide on her own, people.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but something happens to an important character to me and it kind of killed a piece of my soul. I was really looking forward to seeing what happened with this character in the future, Harrison took that away. You will be very upset at the end of this book.

Plus, what Jenks does in the end is unforgivable to me but Rachel seems to just blow it off. I was really bothered by this. Something Rachel has been working towards for the whole of the series finally happens and Jenks messes it all up.

The Snuggly
One naughty sex scene and a sexy little kiss between two characters that will shock you.

I have a love-hate relationship with this series. I always have a lot of complaints but I can’t help but love reading every single book. Harrison has created a world that is not perfect, it’s messy and dangerous and almost nothing every goes right. I am so frustrated half the time that I will literally throw the book across the room. Then I have my hissy fit for like two minutes, vowing never to read this series again. Then I run back to the book, give it a little love, apologizing for hurting it, and my eyes are glued once again. It’s like a freaking addiction. Yes, I gave this book 4 stars and would highly recommend it but just know you will walk away frustrated that you love the book no matter how much you hated it at the same time. I think Harrison is a witch or something. There can be no other explanation.

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