Review: Just Breathe by Tamara Mataya

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by Tamara Mataya

Publisher: Swoon Romance (May 2014)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Format: eBook (Novel Length)
Source: Free book from author for honest review
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Rating: ★★☆☆ (2 stars)

Twenty-one-year-old Elle Granger’s boyfriend broke up with her like a coward. He moved to another city without so much as a kiss goodbye. Devastated and embarrassed, Elle told her friends the break-up was mutual and hid her heartache working long hours at the library. By night, she self medicated with pot. Weeks later, with her heart and lungs screaming for a break, Elle quits smoking and turns to her friends. But before she can let them in on Jason’s betrayal, her best friend moves to Spain, and her roommates start acting strangely.

Enter sexy library patron Dominic, who sweeps Elle off her feet and into his Maserati. He makes her feel oh so good, and puts effort into coming up with dates that don’t set off her Synaesthesia. Just when Elle starts feeling whole again, Jason returns, determined to reunite. Elle rejects his effusive apologies and reasons for leaving – until she catches Dominic in a devastating lie.

Will his betrayal push her back into her suddenly attentive ex’s arms? Can she trust Jason not to break her heart again? The wrong choice and Elle’s happy ending could go up in smoke. But when your only choices are the devils you know, all you can do is JUST BREATHE.

At A Glance
So bored!

The Good
The concept did interest me and I like books with librarians in them, they feel like kindred spirits. There were also some major sweet moments that made my heart melt.

Elle had a condition in which certain noises affected her negatively and it really limited some of her daily life. I loved how Dominic didn’t see that as a hindrance, he took it as a opportunity to treat Elle to sound friendly dates. It was so thoughtful and romantic. I also have a problem with certain noises, like the sound of chewing or someone picking their fingernails, so I understood Elle in that respect.

The Bad
I wasn’t bored like shoot me in the face bored, I was just reading, reading, SQUIRREL, reading, reading, COOKIE kind of bored. I was so easily distracted. This book just couldn’t keep my attention. The writing was a bit flat and the drama kind of got annoying, and I love drama.

Elle was just not my kind of character. Which was weird since she had that condition similar to what I have lived with for a long time. But her casualness about smoking pot bothered me. I am so anti-drug, so pot being completely normal for her and her roommates turned me off.

Dominic was sweet but boring. Nothing about him screamed fun or exciting. I like my men a little more wild.

The Snuggly
Again, Elle and Dominic were super sweet together, but they were also both dull. I just felt meh about them together.

There is some sex but nothing to write home about.

Final Thoughts
I can’t really recommend this book. It just felt like another lackluster new adult. New adult is saturating the market right now, so we have to be careful and choose the amazing ones. This is not an amazing one, just average with a side of *yawn.*

“So do you even really like him? Is that the issue? Do you not find him attractive? Does he have hideous breath? Is he a bad kisser?”

“Oh, God, no, that’s not it. Marie, I want to get him alone and do things to him! You’ve no idea.” My voice is a low, sexual growl.

Marie snorts and chokes on her drink. “Who the hell are you? I like you, Sex Kitten Elle! You can stay.”

“Dominic, if you aren’t careful, these books are going to see more action than they’d planned on.”

He laughs, and continues kissing and nuzzling my neck, running his hands across my lower back. “I’d love nothing more than to knock some of these books off the shelves with you.”

My inner librarian disapproves. She can go to hell.

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12 Responses to “Review: Just Breathe by Tamara Mataya”

  1. Christy @ Love of Books

    At first I thought the guy on the cover was wearing a headband. lol. Ugh, I HATE the sound of people chewing. It makes my blood boil and I want to hit something. Overreaction? For sure. Sucks this fell so flat.

  2. Ashley Montgomery

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one that much. It does sound promising but a disconnection with characters and being easily distracted does not make for a good read.

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    I also can’t stand to hear people chew or breathe loudly…even myself. Repetitive noises in general drive me crazy. I wouldn’t enjoy reading about a casual pot smoker either. Sorry this one wasn’t what you were looking for. Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, I didn’t mention it, but repetitive noises is what drives me crazy the most. I want to scream when people make a noise over and over again. It makes my skin crawl.

  4. Braine TS

    ROFL Squirrel and cookie, eh? I feel you though, it’s like a lot of things are happening and not happening at the same time. Too bad, the cover art is smokin!

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