Review: What Happens in Vegas… Doesn’t Always Stay There by Terry Towers

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Review: What Happens in Vegas… Doesn’t Always Stay There by Terry TowersWhat Happens in Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There by Terry Towers
Publisher: Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing on March 11, 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 157
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-stars

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not always…

After being left at the altar by her high school sweetheart Genevieve Fennel is done with love, done with romance and done with men. Period. She’s always been a good girl, while her friends indulged in casual encounters and they seem happy and satisfied enough. So why can’t she?

Meeting NYPD officers Dane and Graham Porter in Vegas gives her an opportunity to be the bad girl she thinks she needs to be. After a night of passion, she finds herself embarrassed of her wanton behaviour, but takes solace in the fact she can put the night behind her once she returns home.

Back in New York just when she thinks she can forget what happened in Vegas, destiny shows it has other plans. When there’s a break-in at her boutique, it’s the sexy-as-sin Porter brothers who are sent to her rescue intent on stirring up the feelings of abandon she’s trying to forget.

How can she forget what happened in Vegas, when the two men who brought her to such heights of pleasure refuse to let her go so easily? Even if she does decide to open her heart to them, how can she make a choice between the two amazing brothers, both intent on winning her affections? Or maybe she doesn’t have to…

At A Glance

Great first half, meh second half.

The Good

The first half of this book kept me glued to the pages. The broken hearts, the spontaneous sex, the mistaken identity, all of it was so exciting.

Genevieve (Ginny) wasn’t always my favorite but I liked that she took a chance in Vegas and had fun. She deserved it after being dumped on her wedding day. Dane was the ladies man who, at first, just wanted to get laid. But I was happy to see him really start to care for Ginny later on. Graham was the best character for me. He too was burned by an ex so his feelings toward women were more cautious but also open. He wants love, marriage, and the whole shebang. And he really deserves it. You couldn’t find a sweeter person.

We got some drama as Ginny tries to choose between the two brothers. I felt bad when Dane and Graham fought over Ginny but I think it worked out in the end. I felt happy with how it all turned out, but the other brothers needs a girl now. Let’s make it happen, Towers!

The Bad

From the blurb, I expected to see a true ménage relationship blooming but all we got was a love triangle. That sucked.

Dane and Ginny weren’t my favorite characters ever. Dane is a player and stays arrogant throughout the whole novel. Then Ginny whines a little too much for me and she dragged the brothers along for a bit too long when it was obvious which one she liked more. Douche move!

The second half of the book was just lackluster overall. Any drama we get is wrapped up super quickly in a neat little bow.

The Snuggly

The sex was AWESOME. The threesome in the beginning was so fun and spontaneous. I loved how Ginny ‘the good girl’ turned so sexual ravenous at the drop of a hat. Made things so much more interesting.

Some say this is erotica, but I don’t see it. Sure, there is some very hot sex in in the story, but nothing close to erotica standards.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the story a lot while I was reading it, but after, I realized it was just average. Nothing special for the genre, but still good enough to try out. Recommended.


Genevieve’s hand trembled as she reached out for Graham. What Dane had suggested to her was insane, it wasn’t what “good girls” did, but on the other hand, look what being a good girl got her.

Genevieve groaned softly as she slowly woke. Her entire body ached, but in a good way. It took her a moment to remember where she was and what she’s experienced the night before. The blackout drapes covered the sunlight from shining in, only allowing a sliver of sunlight into the room, just enough to see the two men in bed with her, one on either side of her.


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16 Responses to “Review: What Happens in Vegas… Doesn’t Always Stay There by Terry Towers”

  1. Molly Mortensen

    I hate it when the second half is a let down. It’s like the author ran out of steam. I like mistaken identity, that’s always fun. Yeah, I’m not a fan of love triangles and between two brothers would be bad.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, it was sad that it was between to brothers. Because they both were pretty good people.

  2. Melliane

    I’m sorry it’s finally nothing more for this one. Not really my genre I confess so I’m not sure I’ll try it. thanks for the review.

  3. Christy

    Oh boy, a hot threesome! Yeah, I think some people automatically label a book that has sex as erotic. *shrugs* Maybe they need to get a taste of the real stuff. lol

  4. Alreem

    sound like an Oky book but not really my type of books 🙂 glad you enjoyed it and i really hope your next reads will be AWESOME 🙂 lovely review

  5. Jaclyn Canada

    Glad that you enjoyed it overall. The love triangle is no fun especially since she was stringing one of them along, but it sounds like a cute story. Thanks so much for sharing 😀

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