Review & Giveaway: The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis

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The Voice

by Jennifer Anne Davis

Publisher: Lands Atlantic (Jan. 2013)
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Light Paranormal
Format: eBook (288 pages)
Source: From Author for Review
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble (Only $0.99 right now at both places)
Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5 Stars)

During her abduction and assault, Audrey begins to hear a voice. She hopes she’s not going crazy, because after what she’s experienced, that’s the most logical explanation. However, as she begins to listen to the voice, Audrey realizes that someone may be telepathically trying to help her.

Unfortunately, rescue isn’t all she needs. In order to leave behind the constant reminders, she flees to her Aunt Kate’s house in San Diego, and assumes a new identity. It works until the eighteen-year-old twin boys who live next door threaten to break through the protective walls she’s worked so hard to build.

Between Caleb going out of his way to befriend her and Justin avoiding her at all costs, Audrey doesn’t know if normalcy will ever find her again. But one thing is certain: When a familiar danger resurfaces, it’s the same voice that she turns to — a voice that is not only real, but a lot closer than she realizes.

Gripping and tastefully told, The Voice is a story of healing, trust, and courage.

At A Glance
I did a book blitz/giveaway of The Voice a little while a ago and the concept interested me so much I begged the author for a copy. Being all awesome, Davis agreed to send one my way. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The Good
Mind. Explosion. I went into this book nervous as hell. What a deep and scary subject matter to write about, right? Davis pulled it off beautifully. I felt like I got a real life look at someone’s life post sexual assault and kidnapping. I swear, I still have chills just thinking about this book.

Audrey was an amazing character. She felt so…authentic. All her decisions made sense to me based on what happened to her. She moves to her aunts to get away from the people who know what happened to her and takes on a new identity, which seems logical to me. She’s quiet and lost. She feels like she is no longer living, just moving through life. I felt all those emotions with her. Davis made me care and sympathize with Audrey every step of the way. But with the help of the twins next-door, Audrey starts to find herself again. She finds strength to be herself and to fight the nightmares of her past. Audrey’s transition was an amazing thing to behold.

I loved Caleb and Justin from the beginning. Caleb is so carefree and friendly. He is easy to get along with and you just want to smile when he is around. He became like a big brother to Audrey and I think she needed that. Justin is quiet, distant, and sometimes a little rude. But you can tell it’s not his naturally personality. He has his secrets just like Audrey. It’s hard to talk about Justin since his depth is something you have to experience first hand.

I loved Audrey’s interactions with both twins. Her easy joy with Caleb and confusion with Justin. Audrey sees something in Justin that draws her to him but she doesn’t know why. I loved the complication and misunderstandings between these three. It added some great tension and drama.

Davis did an amazing job of taking an uncomfortable topic and turning it into a must read book. I could not put it down once. The writing was captivating and the heartbreak was intense. The characters felt real. The paranormal aspect with the voice in Audrey’s head was well done. It added a little spice to the whole story. I am only sad that the journey had to end. I want to read more.

The Bad
Two things annoyed me in The Voice. First, I think Justin’s stand-offish attitude was pretty silly even knowing why he acted that way. And he held that attitude for the majority of the book. I would have liked to see him act normal more often.

Second, the climax of the story happened really fast. I wish the author took her time and added more suspense to the ending.

The Snuggly
The Voice does deal with rape and sexual abuse but Davis handles everything very well. Nothing is graphic or explained in too much detail. I tend to have problems reading about sexual abuse, but Davis wrote about the subject in a way that I could handle.

As for romance, it is very slow in coming, which worked for the book. I loved reading about Audrey slowly learning to let someone in after what she went through.

Final Thoughts
I can’t tell you how much I recommend this book to everyone. It’s emotional, intense, and heartfelt. The characters blew me away. Davis is an author too look out for. She knows how to write a book that can appeal to anybody and everybody. Highly recommended.

Then the voice came, comforting me. He helped me hold myself together, and he gave me hope. He offered companionship that developed into friendship. He made me feel safe.


My body trembled.
“Please help me,” I begged the voice.
Audrey, calm down. It’s okay.
“No, it’s not. Nothing is okay.”
It will be. I promise. Just know that I’m watching out for you. Even if you don’t feel me or hear me, I’m with you. Okay?
“I need you.”
I know.

Lying in the dark cabin, I tried not to think about the foul smell of body odor mixed with the stench of urine. I tried not to think about how hungry I was, or when I would eat again. About the plastic zip ties cutting into my wrists, or the spider crawling up my arm. I kept trying and failing. There was nothing to do but think.

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25 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis”

  1. Jeanz

    Just had to drop by when I saw this book mentioned to say I read this one and totally loved it. It deals with a very harrowing subject in a delicate way. I definitely recommend this book. I would also take a look at nything else written by this author.

  2. Sarah Elizabeth

    I sometimes find it difficult to read about sexual abuse, I agree that it totally depends on how the author writes it as to how uncomfortable it is to read. Glad you enjoyed this 🙂

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    I remember this post well. There was an excerpt that gave me chills and had little ninja beasts that freak me out. I love your review!! As long as whoever did the rape/sexual abuse gets what they deserve I can read it. I felt like Patricia Briggs handled that well. I added it to my to-read list when I saw the blitz post, but I’m really glad to read your review of it! It looked like a good book them, and I’m even more excited to read it now. Thank you for sharing 😀 Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

  4. Robyn Jones

    I decided to read this book in the middle of a reading dry spell where I couldn’t find anything to hold my attention. First page-Bam! I was hooked. I loved it too. I loved Audrey’s way back to the living. Good point about Justin’s behavior. I wanted more from him too. I think we could use a book from the brother’s POVs. Great review!

  5. Elisa

    This sounded crazy good when you had that original post, glad to hear it actually pulled through with what it promised! Definitely going to pick this up eventually. Maybe sooner since there is a giveaway possibility – woo hoo! 🙂

  6. kimbacaffeinate

    This sounds really good Jennifer and I am glad it handled the aftermath of rape and kidnapping so realistically. sometimes in YA they tend to gloss over it, so bravo. I think I’d like to try this one, so I will add it to my ever growing, never slowing wish-list!


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