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Frost Fire

Tortured Elements Series, #1

by Olivia Rivers

Publisher: Red Sparrow Press (Nov. 2012)
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook (213 pages)
Source: Author, for Blog Tour
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Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

“Magic is just like love, Allai. It won’t wait for permission before it destroys you.”

Like sand in an hourglass, Allai’s future is dwindling away. She’s spent her entire life fighting the Mages who threaten humanity, and dreams of someday eradicating magic. But all it takes is an anonymous phone call for the truth to spill out: Allai is the one thing she despises most.

She’s a Mage.

Though ancient law mandates Allai’s death, she still has one last chance of survival. His name is Drake Rhaize, and he swears he can lead Allai to a sanctuary for Mages. Allai hasn’t seen Drake in years, but she remembers him as the Demon boy who used to hold her close and softly whisper that he’d keep her safe. But Drake has changed since then: He’s now suspected of murder, and has been out-casted for betraying his own kind.

While Allai doesn’t trust Drake, she has no choice but to put her life in his hands and hope he can get her to safety. Because Allai’s father has hired a pack of Demons to bring her back to him, dead or alive–and Demons never stop the hunt.

~Short Review~

At A Glance
Though there wasn’t as much romance as I expected, I did enjoy the ride Frost Fire took me on.

The Good
I really liked the uniqueness of the concept for Frost Fire. The world was dark, gritty and completely unfair. Allai had great determination and strength (even if she would disagree) to put up with the demons who raised her. But they were the only family she knew. I loved learning about her mysterious past and how it linked Drake and her together. Drake was both scary and sexy as hell. He always tried to do the right thing despite being raised by a vicious and evil father. I could easily see Drake and Allai being perfect for each other. I hope to see more of a relationship in the next book.

Luke was my favorite character of Frost Fire. He was both hilarious and deadly. He had even more mystery shrouding him than Allai. We know him as Allai ‘s protector/friend. He watched over her all these years. He would do anything for her, but why, we are never 100% sure. I can’t wait to learn more about him.

The mystery behind all these characters and their pasts was the best part of the book. I never guessed the twists and turns until Olivia wanted me to. The suspense was intense. Olivia never held back when it came to the dangers of Allai’s world.

The Bad
I found it hard to get into the book in the beginning, but it got somewhat better in the middle and end though. But I always felt the story was a little sporadic. I just never knew what to feel about it because sometimes it was awesome and other times I was bored to tears.

I wish more happened throughout the book and that the ending was a little more wrapped up. There really was no ending, just a stop in the story.

The Snuggly
There was very little romance for this being a paranormal romance. I did love finding out how Drake and Allai found each other. That was so cute, but nothing much happened between them in the present except for angsty love.

Final Thoughts
I think this series might be really good. I would say Frost Fire was just an okay start. The concept is good enough to keep me interested. Recommended for some.

Maybe she should look at Drake and face her death head-on. But her eyes remained squeezed tight, terrified she would see claws or a bladed wing rushing toward her if she opened them.

She flinched as she felt hot breath on the back of her neck. His breaths were short and rapid, like he was in pain.

“You know,” Drake whispered in her ear, “closing your eyes won’t make me disappear.”

Author Bio
Olivia Rivers is a high school student, a literary agent intern, and an obsessive-compulsive reader. She has a slight obsession with Kootenai County in Idaho, and she’s pretty sure life will always be awesome as long as Irish accents exist. She lives with dysautonomia, a chronic medical condition affecting her nervous system. Portions of proceeds from her “Tortured Elements” series go toward supporting youth with dysautonomia.

Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter

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  1. Caro [The Book Rogue]

    This cover ist just so awesome. I went for giveaways for this quite oftern, but was never lucky enough. That’s one more chance, so thank you. If I don’t win this one, I’m definitively going to buy it! That cover just… *oogle*

  2. Casie

    Thank you for another great introduction to yet another author I knew nothing about 🙂 I love finding YA authors my high schoolers might be interested 🙂 YAY!!!

    Thank you!!


  3. Elisa

    She is in high school and already has a book out?! I am so jealous! Dang. It sounds interesting, I am going to put it on my look into list. 🙂 Thanks also for the giveaway opportunity

  4. Sam

    I’m not a huge fan of abrupt stops to a story, and it’s a shame that this wasn’t consistently engaging, but I’m glad that you liked it overall. I haven’t heard of it before though it sounds like something I might like. 🙂 Great review!

  5. Orna

    I love the sound of this book. WOuld love if I could win – I have a kindle, which I love. Makes it so easier for those of us overseas to enter too :). Orna

  6. M. Richards

    This is a great site. Congratulations on a job well done. I have been on the lookout for a great YA review site and so far I have just found one (J. Canada). I am delighted to be your newest follower.

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