Review & Giveaway: Alec by L.A. Casey (Blog Tour)

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Review & Giveaway: Alec by L.A. Casey (Blog Tour)

Review & Giveaway: Alec by L.A. Casey (Blog Tour)Alec by L.A. Casey
Publisher: Self-Published on August 17, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: Novel Length
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-half-stars

Keela Daley is the black sheep of her family. She has always come second to her younger cousin Micah. Even in the eyes of her mother, Micah shone bright, and Keela faded to black. Now, in adulthood, Micah is a bride-to-be and the spotlight is solely on her. Keela is a low priority…or so she thinks.

Alec Slater is a bachelor, never one to bed the same woman, or man, twice. He is a free agent who does what he pleases and answers to no one; that is until a fiery Irish redhead with a temper to match her hair colour knocks him on his arse. Literally.

She hates to admit it, but Keela needs a favour from the cocky Slater brother, a huge favour. She needs him to not only escort her to Micah’s wedding, but to also pose as her boyfriend. Alec agrees to help Keela, but has certain conditions for her to abide by. He wants her body and plans to have it before anyone can say I do.

What he doesn’t plan on is losing his heart as well as the possibility of losing his family when someone from his past threatens his future.

Alec owns Keela, and what Alec owns, Alec keeps.

At A Glance

Hilarious, but some things irked me.

The Good

Looking for a great quotable book that will almost make you pee your pants from laughing? Then Alec is the book for you. I haven’t read the first book of the series, but I didn’t feel too lost. Right from the start, Alec is in your face hilarious and charming. The characters pull you in and never let go. Each one, even the side characters, have so much depth and emotion it’s amazing. The plot was interesting and the sex was HOT. I really liked this story overall.

Keela is one of a kind. She is so snarky and sarcastic, she reminds me of me! She is a tough broad who can handle herself, even against sex-crazed hotties. Alec is just plain horny. And his horniness is zeroed in on Keela. I love how dirty he was. He never held anything back, which gave him a certain charm. We slowly find out that Alec has depth and he actually cares for Keela. His past shocked me. I can’t believe what him and his brothers went through. But they all came through for the better.

Alec and Keela almost have too much chemistry. It’s crazy how these two bicker and fight, but it is almost always in good fun. They just work.

The Bad

Alec is a 4 star book, hands down. I almost gave it 4 stars too, but there were a few things that happened that really bothered me. The biggest being what Alec did towards the end. I honestly think there was no excuse for it. He could have handled the situation so many other ways, but he didn’t and I can’t forgive him. I can’t believe Keela forgave him. I seriously could never let him touch me again if I were her. I love Alec, but what he did was unforgivable.

Keela is funny as hell, but she became repetitive real fast. Every time Alec made a sexy or outrageous comment, she had the same reaction: Pig, How dare you, I will rip your balls off… and so on. It was all hilarious, but hearing the same reactions over and over again on every page got too much. Keela was too intelligent to keep playing the flirty offended card for that long. Plus, she got super vicious sometimes and it turned me off.  Oh, and she is too naïve for my taste when it comes to her uncle.

The Snuggly

So much fire! This is a scorching read, so read with caution. You might walk away with singed fingers, a sex-filled brain, and a tingly feeling all over. You have been warned!

Final Thoughts

I will continue this series. I will also grab the first book because I have a feeling I need to read each brother’s story to get the full experience. I had a lot of fun with this one for sure, despite the downfalls. Very recommended.


Weak people seek revenge, strong people forgive, and intelligent people ignore. Which one are you?”  


“When a woman says ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it,’ you do worry about it. You worry a lot because she is thinking of a way to make you pay for whatever you did wrong.”  


“I want a new liver to replace my heart.”
“Um, why?”
“Because then I could drink more and care less.”  


“Sorry, I can’t help it.”
“Oh, so your middle finger has a mind of its own then?” Alex asked with an amused look.
I glared at him and said, “Yeah, and she was just sticking up for me.”


“Who the hell do you think you are?” I snapped.
He grinned and gave me a wink as he said, “Alec Slater, your next – or only – great fuck.”
Was he for real?
“You’re about to be Alec Slater – murder victim – if you don’t shut that hole in your face!”  

About L.A. Casey

L.A. Casey was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She is a twenty two year old stay at home mother to an almost two year old German Shepherd named Storm and of course, her four and half year old (the half is apparently vital) beautiful little hellion/angel depending on the hour of the day.

Her first novel, Dominic, was released on March 17th, 2014, and on March 21st, 2014, it became an international Amazon bestseller.


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20 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: Alec by L.A. Casey (Blog Tour)”

  1. Jaclyn Canada

    I remember the excerpt, and it was a lot of fun. The characters all seem very entertaining. The repetitive back-fires would get annoying, but I love that sarcastic and bickering dialogue. Great review!

  2. Giselle

    Ooh these characters sound awesome – anyone with humor or snark/sarcasm will make for a great read in my book! I am curious about what Alec did though. This sounds like a really great series overall and I love these series that gives us new characters in each book but they’re connected somehow. Glad you liked it, Jennifer! 🙂

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Imagine one of the worst things a guy can do to a girl except kill, rape, or hit.

  3. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    You had me at snarky and hilarious—this author’s sense of humour sounds like it’d be right up my alley. The repetitive aspects, and whole Alec thing are a bit of a turn off mind you. That cover sure is a looker though, and those quotes, wowzers!

  4. Melliane

    Oh now I’m curious to discover Alec and see what he did but I love humor in a book and this one sounds great! I need to check that out! thank you

    • Jennifer Bielman

      To me, humor in books will compensate for a lot in books. If I am laughing, I am happy.

  5. Molly Mortensen

    I’m usually turned off by covers with topless men, but this one does sound interesting. A bit like that movie The Wedding Date, but with magic. I love funny books and a snarky sarcastic heroine sounds right up my alley. I’m worried about what he did towards the end now. Maybe this book isn’t for me.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I think everyone will react differently by what Alec did. I think when someone says that I don’t have a choice, there are always choices, and it’s a crap excuse.

  6. Lily B

    oh gosh I keep hearing some really wonderful things about this series, the slate brother’s in general o.o so I am so curious cause this sounds like a lot of fun, Alec sounds wonderful <3 I think I would like him.

  7. Christy

    Oh, humor? Yeah, I’m down. And is he bi? Major plus. I’m sure I can guess what he did, but it wouldn’t bother me TOO bad if I can understand where he’s coming from. The circumstances.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yup, totally bi! I don’t know though, I think you will be pretty upset with what he did.

  8. Olivia

    If you know me, I don’t really read books like this because I often find them too graphic for me. But this sounds good and I would love to read it! It sounds funny, snarky and the characters sound pretty likeable. It’s a shame about the ending, but you have made me curious to know what irked you so much!

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