Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

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Women of the Otherworld Series, #10

by Kelley Armstrong

Publisher: Bantam (Sept 2009)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: Hardback (339 pages)
Source: Personal Bookshelf
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 stars)

Being the world’s only female werewolf has its advantages, such as having her pick of the Otherworld’s most desirable males. And Elena Michaels couldn’t have picked a more dangerously sexy and undyingly loyal mate than Clayton Danvers. Now their bond will be put to the ultimate test as they follow a bloody trail of gruesome slayings deep into Alaska’s frozen wilderness.

There’s nothing the werewolf community dislikes more than calling attention to itself. So when a pair of rogue man-eaters begins hunting humans, it’s up to Elena and Clayton to track down the predators. But any illusions their task would be simple are quickly dispelled. For even in werewolf terms, there’s something very disturbing taking place in the dark Alaskan forests. A werewolf more wolf than human and more unnatural than supernatural is on the hunt—a creature whose origins seem to spring from ancient legends of the shape-shifting Wendigo.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Clayton and Elena find themselves confronting painful ghosts from their pasts — and an issue neither of them is eager to discuss. For one of them has been chosen to become the new Pack leader, and as every wolf knows, there can be only one Alpha. They’ve always been equals in everything. Now, when their survival depends more than ever on perfect teamwork, will instinct allow one of them to lead…and the other to follow?

Short Review

At A Glance
Yay. I love any book with Elena and Clay in it when it comes to this series. I just wish I got to see more of their twins.

The Good
As many of you know, Elena and Clay books are my favorite and this one is no exception. Frostbitten really tied up some loose ends for me, especially with the couple’s relationship. We know that Elena and Clay don’t always communicate well and even act like children sometimes, but since they had their twins, I see a huge change in them. They are more mature, more responsible, and closer than ever.

This is really Elena’s book where she considers her past, present, and future. We get glimpses of Elena’s past and how she dealt with the horrors of being a foster child. We also see her for the woman she is today: a loving mother, supporting wife, and kickass werewolf. We finally see her as a true future alpha with responsibilities she can now easily handle. Clay too faces his past and proves to be the best father ever and comes to truly embrace his partnership with Elena. I can finally see the happy ending they so deserve and it makes me smile.

The Alaskan setting was a nice change up and the plot was intense. We encounter some really effed up werewolves who eat humans. That’s a big no-no, so Elena and Clay are sent to investigate while trying to save this one rogue Mutt from getting into deeper crap than he can handle. The mystery about the “creatures” was awesome. I always love learning new supernatural mythology.

We get some intense life or death situations and heart-pounding twists that I didn’t see coming. Frostbitten is fast-paced and full of action. We don’t see too many of the other characters we know from the series, but that’s okay. All I need is Elena and Clay and I am content.

The Bad
I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of Clay and Elena’s twins. I wanted to see them interact together but we only got a few scenes with them and I felt jipped. This is Elena and Clay’s last book in the series, it would have been nice to see them as a family more.

The Snuggly
We get a couple love scenes that are well done but not overly explicit.

Final Thoughts
This is a quick read that will keep you glued to the pages. I love that we delve even deeper into both Elena and Clay as individuals and as a couple. Armstrong is really great at characterization. That’s what keeps me reading. Highly recommended.

“Next Clay gave the house rules for living with the Sorrentinos, which sounded a lot like the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not lie, steal anything, kill anyone, disrespect your hosts or covet any of Nick’s girlfriends. And if you break the rules, you’ll get your ass kicked and handed to you in pieces—a part I suspect God left out.” 


“Did you use a chainsaw?” Joey said. “I seem to recall you like chainsaws.”

“There wasn’t a power outlet.” Clay turned to me. “That’s what I want for Father’s Day, darling. A gas powered chainsaw.”
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12 Responses to “Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong”

  1. Aman

    I’ve only read Clay & Elena’s book through the series, and this one was pretty good. I was sad that we didn’t get to see the twins, but they have a christmas novella with the kids that I loved. I wish there would be more Clay & Elena book, they are my favorite werewolf couple.

  2. Ann@Blogging-Profits-Unleashed

    Kelley Armstrong is one of my all-time favorite Urban Fantasy authors and her Werewolf stories are the best books in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. I enjoyed the rest of the installments, but I think ‘Frostbitten’ has become my favorite book in the series.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth

    Wow! Book 10! I don’t have this one although I like the sound of hearing more about Elena and Clayton and their twins! Not long til the end of the series now!

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