Review: The Fountain of the Earth by H.L. LeRoy

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Review: The Fountain of the Earth by H.L. LeRoyThe Fountain of the Earth by H.L. LeRoy
Publisher: Tranquille Press on November 22, 2013
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
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Rating: four-stars

Terra Vonn is fighting to survive in a destroyed world,
surrounded by unspeakable horror . . .
and things are about to get much worse.

After witnessing the horrific murder of her mother, fifteen-year-old Terra Vonn has a singular focus—exacting revenge on the killers. But before she can complete her plan, savagery intervenes, and she is cast alone into a brutal post-apocalyptic world. As she trails the murderers south—through a land filled with cannibalistic criminals, slave traders, and lunatics—the hunter becomes the hunted. Terra quickly learns that she is not as tough or as brave as she thought she was. Worse, she may be the only one who stands between what little remains of civilization and destruction.

At A Glance

The book got better and better with each page.

The Good

Now this is a nice change up in the dystopian genre. I can’t believe how much happens in just under 3oo pages. This author made sure to pack a punch with each page. The action was non-stop, in a good way, and the threats just kept on coming. I know some of you feel a bit tired of dystopia, but this book will leave you refreshed and raring to read more.

Terra was an amazing character. I have never seen a character grow so much in one book. She starts out a girl, and ends up a warrior. The things she goes through are unimaginable. After losing both her parents, she leaves her horrible tribe to hunt down her mother’s murderers. But there are so many obstacles in her way. People try to hurt her, kidnap her, rape her, and kill her. I just don’t know how Terra made it through it all, and I read the damn book!

Terra picks up some friends and enemies along the way. I loved the group she had near the end. Ormek was so sweet and protective. Beth changed the most. I didn’t think she was going to last long in the beginning, but she became a fierce warrior in the end.

I loved the concept of the world now consisting of tribes. There was a fair amount of worldbuilding. The plot was great, it held my attention the whole time. The action was plentiful and brutal, and the characters really made me feel all the feels! I am so happy I got to read Fountain of the Earth.

The Bad

The action was often very fast, leaving me a bit whiplashed. Even though there was a lot of action, which I loved, I would have liked to savor it more.

I wish there were more actual conversations and less being told that they just occurred. I missed the nuances and character growth that often comes out of more dialogue.

The Snuggly

This is not a romance book, which was fine with me. It worked for this book, but we do see some blooming romances from secondary characters and near the end, even the heroine gets her chance. There is no sex in this book, so it’s YA friendly, however, there is some sexual assault which isn’t described thankfully.

Final Thoughts

I almost gave Fountain of the Earth 4.5 stars because I enjoyed the story that much, but the few bad points held me back. However, I think anyone, even those who are tried of dystopia, could love this book. Very recommended.


He looked as shocked to see me as I of him. “I know who you are, little girl.”

“I know you too. You’re wearing my mother’s necklace.”

He kept the knife moving as if it were a snake’s head, trying to hold my attention while he ran his tongue across the snags of his teeth, revealing his anxiety, or maybe, his fear. “Put the spear down, I won’t hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me. But I’m going to kill you.”

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14 Responses to “Review: The Fountain of the Earth by H.L. LeRoy”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    As you well know, I’m a total action junkie, so I love that so much happened in 300-ish pages, although I can understand how it might have been a tad overwhelmed at times. Pacing isn’t everything! Your show not tell comment has me hesitating though cuz I like dialogue.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, it was good dialogue when it happened, but I wish there was more of that. But still, the action is plentiful, which is awesome.

  2. Jaclyn Canada

    Oh sounds excellent! One of the things I’ve noticed with this genre is just wanting more world-building. Sounds like it’s great here and I definitely enjoy character growth and lots of action. I’ve added this one to my to-read list. Thanks for a great review 😀

  3. Braine Talk Supe

    Inasmuch as I love fast paced reads there is such a thing as too fast. Still it’s good that you managed to keep in pace, the last time I read something similar like this I ended up having to reread shit coz the events were ADHD-like

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, no it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t fast or slow paced, the action just could have been built up more.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I think you would really enjoy this one. I can get a little brunt out of dystopia, but I can never not want to read a good one.

  4. Lupdilup

    I’m not tired of dystopian yet, but I finding a little harder to get totally captivated, this sounds like it could do the trick, I’ll take a closer look 🙂
    Thanks Jenniffer.

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