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by Dan Rix

Publisher: Self-Published (Nov. 2012)
Genre: Dystopia, Romance, Young Adult
Format: eBook (235 pages)
Source: Free book from author for honest review
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Rating: ★★☆☆☆ ( 2 stars)

In a world like ours, humans are born in pairs. When a newborn boy takes his first breath in the coastal town of Tularosa, the exact time is noted, recorded in the Registry, and later compared to the birth times of other newborns around the globe. There will be one identical match—his half. They will meet on their eighteenth birthday and they will spend their lives together. Except this time, there is no match.

Hotheaded heartthrob Aaron Harper is scheduled to meet his half in twenty-nine days, and he doesn’t buy a word of that entanglement crap. So what if he and his half were born the same day and share a spooky psychic connection? Big deal. After breaking one too many teenage girls’ hearts, he’ll stick to brawling with the douchebag rugby players any day.

Until the day a new girl arrives at school and threatens everything he takes for granted.

Cold and unapproachable, Amber Lilian hates the growing list of similarities between her and the one boy she can’t read, Aaron: born the same day, both stubborn, both terrified of meeting their halves. . . . All the more reason not to trust him. That she would rather die than surrender herself as her half’s property is none of his damn business. But once lost in Aaron’s dangerous, jet black eyes, she’s already surrendered more than she cares to admit.

Tangled in each other’s self-destructive lives, Aaron and Amber learn the secret behind their linked births and why they feel like halves—but unless they can prove it before they turn eighteen, Aaron faces a lifetime alone in a world where everyone else has a soul mate . . . and he’ll have to watch Amber give herself to a boy who intends to possess not only her body but also a chunk of her soul.

At A Glance
It started out good but the plot holes killed it.

The Good
What stood out to me the most was the concept of Entanglement. It drew me in right away. It was fascinating and almost realistic in a way. Definitely not out of the realm of possibility. That we are born with a soul mate, a perfect match for us is pretty romantic, but also scary. It’s like you don’t have a choice but why would you want one when you are almost guaranteed to love this person forever? But in Entanglement, not all is what it seems.

I loved the element of mystery surrounding the whole novel. I had some ideas on what was going on, but it went even further then I thought. The twists and turns made for great suspense. It was also fun being inside Aaron’s head as he found each piece to the puzzle. He’s a strong character with strong emotions. He’s not perfect but I liked his attitude and determination.

I was surprised by the brutality of the bad guys. They truly made me sick to my stomach. I applaud Rix for bringing such a strong emotion out of me.

The Bad
The Bad section is going to contain some spoilers. It is unavoidable.

I was in love with this book in the beginning but as it went on, more and more things bothered me. First, there’s the plot holes. Aaron gets beat up and kidnapped from his room in the middle of the night. Where were his parents? Really, they never woke up with all that commotion? How about when he came home beaten and cut up? They just didn’t care? And him going alone to the meet his match in the Chamber of Halves. That is suppose to be a big event, why were they not there. His parents are either the worst human beings in the world or there should have been more thought on integrating them into the story so it was more believable. Also, people seem to get hurt, but then kind of forget how badly they are wounded the next scene. Did they heal that quickly? I think not.

Aaron is often beat up, kidnapped, almost murdered, and his car continuously vandalize, but he never goes to the cops. WHAAAT?? WHY?? Then this one person who was an accessory to murder and attempted murder never got in trouble. He was still there in the end, with the group he tried to hurt and kill, acting like nothing happened. No cops, no punishment, not even the people he hurt did anything to him. They treated him normal after. I just didn’t get it. Even with the kind of dystopian world these teens lived in, it still didn’t make sense.

The book got really boring in parts. And Amber was a snobby biotch. I don’t see how anyone would like her. She is constantly rude to Aaron and doesn’t even care when her “boyfriend” beats the crap out of him.

The Snuggly
I didn’t like Amber so I had no interest in seeing Amber and Aaron together. There is some sexual tension, kissing, and crude language, but nothing over the top for YA in my opinion.

Final Thoughts
This book had promise, but the plot holes and inconsistencies bothered me too much to really recommend this book to anyone. If you are only about the interesting concept of a book, then Entanglement could be for you. But based on my experience, I would not recommend it.

“So much for forgetting about her. After that last sizzling look she gave him, that was going to be impossible.”

“As if he’s pressed a button, the strength deflated from every muscle in Aaron’s body, and the last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was the pain, like molten lead dripping into his brain through the back of his head – that and wishing he’d had more time to live.”

She glared at him. “If you call me buttercup one more time, you lose all boyfriend privileges.”
“Oh, so I am your boyfriend?” he said.
“Right…” Aaron felt a smile tugging at his lips. “I just have the privileges.”

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  1. kimbacaffeinate

    The premises sounds really cool and I like that at times it was violent and made you feel but I can just picture myself getting frustrated by the questions you asked. Great review Jennifer!

  2. Jaclyn Canada

    I really loved the concept, and I’ll admit that I don’t remember the plot holes. I do remember reading it all in one sitting because I really wanted to know how it would end. I rate books higher if I can’t put them down. I’m so sorry this one didn’t work out for you. I do know that we differ on our YA book ratings so I’m careful now on those which I would recommend to you personally since I know more what you look for in a good YA read. Wonderful review! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

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