Review: Defender of Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

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Defender of Magic

Series: Champion of the Sidhe #3


by S. A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Publisher: Self-Published (March 2012)
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook (Novella)
Source: From author for honest review
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: ★★½☆☆ (2.5 stars)

Raiders have attacked Danu’s temple, slaughtering its defenders. The artifacts that are the last hope for the survival of the fey are in danger. With Changelings out to kill him, and goblins determined to abduct him, Lugh’s on a quest to find a stronghold for those treasures. Perhaps he should have thought twice before seeking a safe haven in the territory of shape-changing, fire-breathing dragon.

~ Short Review ~

At A Glance
I don’t know what happened. I still love the series, but this book didn’t really do it for me.

The Good
Dragons!!! Gotta love me some dragons. Lugh is still on a quest to collect and hide certain artifacts that will rebuild the fey mounds. But Lugh can already feel himself growing weaker as the Fade that kills off his people starts to descend on him. His life, and most of the sidhe, now must depend on a scary dragon who would as easily kill you as help you. Because only he could hide the artifacts from those who want to steal them.

Lugh is getting weaker and it shows a lot in Defender of Magic. You have to respect the guy for trying so hard to restore his people but it’s looking more likely that he may be too late. His enemies are taking full advantage of his weakness and you can’t help but feel bad for the guy. It’s like the world is on his shoulders.

I loved the addition of Jonathan, the dragon-shifter. He was pretty badass. He’s both frightening and reasonable. He much rather kill things than anything else, so the fey should be very weary of him. But we know Lugh, a little fire and a huge dragon doesn’t scare him.

The ending definitely got my attention. Some things are revealed and they could be life-changing for Lugh. I will be reading the next book because I have to know what happens next.

The Bad
It’s no secret that I find this series of the three tier series to be the weakest for me. I am just not the biggest fan of Lugh’s. He’s kind of boring to me. This book didn’t change my opinion of him. Out of all the series, he has the biggest quest, that’s for sure, I just think the other characters are so much more entertaining.

I found myself bored with the plot. It had a slow start and only okay fight scenes that barely kept my interest.

The Snuggly
No snuggly in this book, just adventure. Though we do get a heartfelt scene with Lugh longing for Rhiannon, a fey he loved and lost.

Final Thoughts
This definitely wasn’t my favorite book but I still love the series. I think the three tier series as a whole is fun and exciting (Champion of the Sidhe, Rise of the Unseelie, and Touched). I would still recommend them to fantasy lovers.

A stillness descended over Lugh that only came in the presence of a predator. The wind mocked him, altering course to taunt him with the hint of something foul and then stealing it away once more.

As Lugh reached for the long knife, the hiss of an arrow’s flight slashed the air. In the second he detected it Lugh dodged, but not knowing from whence it came he failed to escape.

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  1. Jaclyn Canada

    When I went to go look up this series on Goodreads I found a Touched series, a Rise of the Unseelie series, and the Champion of the Sidhe Series. Which one is the overall series that you are saying is so good? It looks like the Champion of the Sidhe series is about this Lugh character that didn’t really grab you so I’m guessing it’s the other two. I enjoyed your review! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Sorry. I forget no one knows the stuff I do and tend not to explain things well. There are three series, the ones you mentioned. They all intertwine to make one super series. But each small series focuses on certain characters. My favorites are Touched and Rise of the Unseelie, but you can’t read two without reading the this one. Well you can, but you wouldn’t want to. I actually suggest this series as well, it’s just this book was lackluster, but the other books were great. You can now get these small series in one book with all five novellas put together. If you like fantasy and urban fantasy, I would suggest all these small series.

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