Review: Against the Darkness by A.M. Griffin

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Review: Against the Darkness by A.M. GriffinAgainst the Darkness by A. M. Griffin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub on June 4, 2014
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-half-stars

Seventeen year old Sinta Allen has one objective, to get from Tallahassee, Florida to her mother in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Seems simple enough right? Wrong. Hostile aliens have invaded Earth—and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that we're losing the fight. While the aliens bring devastation and destruction and take people away to God knows where in their spaceships, Sinta, along with some of her classmates must rely on their survival instincts, a little luck and each other if they want to survive the venture across the country. The last thing she needs is for Wade, her school friend and Jason, her rescuer, to distract her along the way.

At A Glance

Gave me the chills!

The Good

The concept was great. I love a good alien invasion book. It was interesting to watch the world change through these teenagers’ eyes, with them being totally ignorant of the rest of the world. We only know as much as they do as they travel across the country to find their homes, or what’s left of them.

Sinta was a good mix of strong and weak. She doesn’t always make the right decisions in the beginning but she grows to be this fierce warrior that I easily respected. Each character grew into their own, mostly in good ways.

The plot was good. I had the chills the whole time. Those aliens freaked me out. I loved the feel of constant suspense, and how close the group got through their journey. They have a lot of bad times, but a few good time are thrown in as well. The writing had a nice flow and the story felt believable for the most part.

The Bad

The beginning could have been handled better. We get to know Sinta for about 2 seconds, then we skip ahead and the aliens have already invaded the world. I would have liked to be there as the aliens came.

There was a lot left unanswered in the end. We learn almost nothing about the invasion or the aliens. I think that was the biggest downfall. I need a little more background or world building to keep me interested in a book.

The Snuggly

There is some romance, which I thought was nice. Of course, we get a love-triangle, which was a little annoying, but I enjoyed the drama between the three. I think Sinta may have chosen the wrong guy. They were both pretty great though. Very YA, only kissing.

Final Thoughts

I would continue this series. It wasn’t perfect, but the concept really kept my attention. I want to know what is going to happen next, especially with how Against the Darkness ended. Recommended.


Right about now is when I again start to have my recurring wish for the gift of foresight. But I’m sure everyone in the world has probably wished for the same thing. At least then there could have been some kind of planning. The military could have been ready for the aliens’ arrival and mounted an attack. Not only that, but the government could have organized some kind of evacuation. Although I don’t know to where exactly.

How do you evacuate an entire country?

At any rate, the gift of foresight would have helped us all. Maybe, with it, my mother wouldn’t have forced me to go on the stupid field trip. I remind myself how I’d begged and begged her not to make me go.

But I bet she regrets it now, especially since I’m almost a thousand miles away from her during the worst possible time.

I know what I’m doing and I try to hold onto the feeling for as long as possible. If I’m mad at her then I won’t miss her as much.

Just as I have that thought, my eyes begin to water. Being mad at her usually doesn’t last very long at all. I can’t make it. For all it’s worth, I know she’s regretting she ever made me go and she’s missing me just as much as I’m missing her.

I sniffle back the trickle of liquid that’s making a trail from my nostril and across my cheek. Tears fall in fat drops from the corners of my eyes. I’m crying so softly that I doubt anyone can hear it.


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21 Responses to “Review: Against the Darkness by A.M. Griffin”

  1. Matt

    This honestly sounds like a book that could use a novella covering the invasion itself. To make up for what i lacked. But I’ll have to add this to my TBR as I also enjoy a good Alien invasion book.
    Matt @ JC’s Book Haven.

  2. Lily

    I don’t typically read alien invasion books but you’ve got me intrigued! Ill have to keep my eye open for it!

  3. Melliane

    I’m not that much into Aliens book but this one sounds interesting. I didn’t know about this one but maybe. I’ll keep an eye on it. thanks!

  4. kimbacaffeinate

    I do love me some aliens. Hmm, too bad about not getting the invasion story. Maybe she will do a novella with it. It says a lot that despite some issues you want to continue.

  5. Lupdilup

    I love otherworldly books, but for some reason I can get into Sci-Fi stories 🙁 Or maybe I haven’t picked up the right one yet. I’m glad you found this one good enough to continue, not many series start with a bang.
    Thanks Jennifer 🙂

  6. Lily B

    oh a plot that gives you chills and it has aliens? humm, going to have to look this one up. I like the cover and glad that the MC has flaws too

  7. Olivia

    Glad to see you enjoyed this book! I think the cover is beautiful, and it caught my eye immediately. I haven’t read many books about alien invasions either, so this might open a new world to me in reading :3 Sounds enjoyable enough although we could do without a love triangle xD

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