Review: Dane’s Addiction by Sorrel Provola

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Dane’s Addiction

Colebrook Confessions Series, #2

by Sorrel Provola

Publisher: Twist Literary (Nov. 2012)
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary
Format: eBook (Novella)
Source: Review Request by Publisher
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Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

After a stint in rehab, Dane’s back for his senior year. But just because he gave up drugs doesn’t mean his unsavory friends from last year are willing to let him walk away scot-free. Dane has unfulfilled obligations that may cost prison time—or his life–to meet. Even the son of a Russian mobster needs Markham’s help when blackmail and coercion are the name of the game. And all Dane wanted when he came back was the chance to rekindle his steamy, secret romance with the girl who’s always toyed with his heart. Will he be able to convince her his love is worth the risk?

~Short Review~

At A Glance
I loved Dane but I expected more out of the story.

The Good
Dane is awesome. He is hilarious, damaged, and sexually charged. He makes bad decisions and relies on others to fix his screw ups. But we wants to change. He wants to be someone his family can be proud of. But no matter how hard he tries, he finds himself in worse and worse situations. I am really all about damaged characters right now, so Dane worked for me. The trouble he gets into is both scary and hysterical. It’s like he can’t help himself. His past haunts him no matter how much we wants to get better

I love the direction this book is taking the series. Some serious crap is about to go down if Markham’s plan to save Dane’s butt works. I also like the complex relationship Dane has with Audriana. They are both seriously messed up and together they make the perfect disaster. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Bad
I wish there was more focus on Dane’s story rather than his sex drive. We get it, he’s horny as all get out, but I wanted to know more about Dane as a whole. This felt less like a complete story compared to the first book.

The Snuggly
This is a very sexual book but not overly graphic. It has a new adult feel when it comes to sex. I both liked it but also got a little annoyed with it.

Final Thoughts
I like the first book more, but Dane’s Addiction is a great segue to the rest of the series. I will be reading book 3. Recommended to those who like novellas.

“Well, I wouldn’t want you indulging in the vices that sent you away in the first place. Why don’t you tell me about rehab? What were the girls like?” Markham was distracting him–as usual, his friend was more perceptive about Dane’s mental state than either of them let on.

“Never have I had so much sex,” Dane told Markham as he poured brandy into crystal sniffers, relived to have the out. “American women are so emotional–I think it’s just a way of hiding that they’re horny.”

Colebrook Confessions Series:
Book #1: The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy
Book #2: Dane’s Addiction
Book #3: Vivianne and the Quixotic Kiss

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  1. Jaclyn Canada

    I definitely love his name since it’s so close to my son’s and one I kicked around for him. I really like how wacky the cover is with the guys knee sitting on the bubble with the title. Great review 😀 Not for me though. Happy Friday! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven

  2. Giselle

    Dane sounds like a great character that I would definitely have an easy time connecting with I think. Shame that the story went into a more sex drive angle though O_O I hadn’t heard of this book before but it sounds different and fun regardless. Great review, chickie!

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