Review: Conqueror’s Kiss by Hannah Howell

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Review: Conqueror’s Kiss by Hannah HowellConqueror's Kiss by Hannah Howell
Publisher: Zebra on October 25, 2015 (re-issue 2006)
Genres: Historical Romance, Adult
Pages: 416
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-stars

There is little hope for sanctuary in the midst of the tumultuous Scottish border wars, yet one woman may find safe the arms of her sworn enemy...Jennet Graeme has witnessed terrible tragedy during the many years of strife between the Scots and the English. As Scottish invaders plunder her convent sanctuary, she defiantly resists the blond warrior who claims her as his prize. But his brute strength is overpowering and Jennet is forced to ride with him through the lawless lands, tending to the wounded, protected and desired by a man she wants to hate...but cannot...As a loyal knight, he's pledged fealty to his king's command, even as he loses his heart to this remarkable woman. Merciless in combat...yet there burns within him a spark for something far beyond the heat of battle.

At A Glance

I loved and hated this book from page one until the end.

The Good

During the English/Scottish war, Hacon fights for the Scotts, even if he doesn’t agree with all the bloodshed. Though that doesn’t stop him from claiming Jennet as his prize and dragging her across the country trying to seduce her out of her virtue. Jennet hates Hacon and all he stands for, if only she could stop herself falling in love with him.

Though Hacon was a hard character to love at first, Jennet was always awesome. So spirited and feisty. She doesn’t let Hacon get away with anything. Despite Jennet’s precarious position amongst brutish killers, she makes the best of her situation. Even when she starts falling for Hacon, she still remains passionate about her beliefs and political views. She is not one to change for a man.

Oh the adventures Hacon and Jennet go on. I feel like I literally read about their whole lives in Conqueror’s Kiss. We get war, treachery, love, family, and growth from all of the characters. The ending was really good. Very satisfying.

PS: I loved Jennet’s father. He was like an evil genius, in a good way.

The Bad

It was so hard to like Hacon for half the book. He murders a lot of innocent people during the war, and if he is not doing the killing because of his conscience, then he is watching the murder, rape, and decimation of innocent people. I know he had little choice, but come on, it’s so hard to be okay with that.

Hacon had this obvious enemy, who is suppose to by an ally, going after him the whole book and he doesn’t do ANYTHING about it. Even the people around him were getting frustrated by his lack of action. When the bad guy finally gets one up on Hacon, I kind of wanted Hacon to suffer because it was like DUH!!! What did he think was going to happen, the bad guy would move on? When has that ever happened in the history of time!

This is a long-ass story. I think it’s more than the stated 416 pages. It felt like 500. It kept dragging and dragging and dragging on. I enjoyed a good portion of it but seriously, let’s cut back on the unnecessary and tighten up the plot.

The Snuggly

We get some sexy-time. It was pretty hot. I loved how playful these two were.

Final Thoughts

When I enjoyed this story I really enjoyed it. When I didn’t like it, I really didn’t like it. I would actually recommend this book but just be warned about the length and Hacon’s shortcomings.


She glared at him. “Aye, so you will gain no ransom from me. The Bruce’s fine soldiers have already slaughtered my mother. Aye and mayhaps my father as weel. I have naught left. Best to let me slip free. I can only be a trouble to you.”
“Of that I have little doubt.” He stood up, placed his hands on his trim hips, and looked down at her. “Howbeit, I will keep you with me.”
“Now, why would ye wish to do that?” She had a very good idea of why but wondered if he would tell her the truth.
Reaching out, Hacon took a thick lock of her hair in his hand, idly caressing it with his long fingers. “Ye Jennet, who can be from Liddesdale, are my plunder.”


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22 Responses to “Review: Conqueror’s Kiss by Hannah Howell”

  1. Braine

    I know you have issues with him, but Hacon is my kind of dude. Interesting character and curious to see how he evolves… Except for the draggy parts

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I got so weird with Hacon. I wanted to like him, but something held me back,

  2. Lekeisha

    A book divided. I’m like you here. You love and hate a book at the same time. It seems to be too long for the plot, but then again I haven’t read it so I don’t know. Just by your review, I’ll pass because it seems like something that would make my head hurt. Though, I’d be interested in Hacon’s character, just to get a feel for him.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Hacon was a tough bird for me. I think some people would love him. I might have not been in the mood for him.

  3. Shane @itchingforbooks

    After reading the blurb I became intrigued. It’s too bad the story was dragging and that Hacon wasn’t the best character. I’m upset by the way he kills innocent people or stand by and watches them die, and I haven’t even read the story. At least Jennet is a likable character. Thanks for your honest review. I might pick it up someday.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I get that it’s realistic that people died and people killed people at this time but it still hard to read about from a character you are suppose to like.

  4. Kristin

    Oh wow. This sounds like such a hard book to read and review. Just reading your review I had conflicted thoughts. I think I will pass on it though. Hacon doesn’t sound like a character that I’d enjoy reading about. In fact, I’d probably throw my Kindle across the room in anger over his character.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, I swear, Hacon is good guy, but sometimes he just really doesn’t seem that way. So hard!

  5. Lily B

    okay the whole… rape,murdering, and dragging makes sense why this book keeps getting crappy reviews. I wanted to try it, maybe its a good thing I didn’t nab this one.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I didn’t know it was getting other crappy reviews. Happy I am not the only one.

  6. Nathan

    This sounds like a difficult book to read, not just by the length. It is at least easier and often more enjoyable to read about characters who have a moral code. That said I like reading about warrior women. I think I have enough books on my reading list that may be a little difficult at times, and will pass on this one.

  7. Melliane

    Too bad it was dragging and that it was complicated to like the character like that but the idea is interesting. thanks for the review!

  8. Jaclyn Canada

    Jennet sounds like a great character. I also think it’s great that you got to experience so much with them and get to watch the characters grow. It sounds like the dragging on would get tiring though. Great review!

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