Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

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Club Dead

Book #3 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series

by Charlaine Harris

Publisher: Orbit (May 2006)
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Format: ebook (274 pages)
Source: Books 4 Reviews
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 stars)

Things between cocktail waitress Sookie and her vampire boyfriend Bill seem to be going excellently (apart from the small matter of him being undead) until he leaves town for a while. A long while. Bill’s sinister boss Eric has an idea of where to find him, whisking her off to Jackson, Mississippi to mingle with the under-underworld at Club Dead. When she finally catches up with the errant vampire, he is in big trouble and caught in an act of serious betrayal. This raises serious doubts as to whether she should save him or start sharpening a few stakes of her own… Add on Goodreads
~Short Review~

At a Glance
It’s really hard to dislike anything Eric is in. I have an unhealthy fascination with his character. And then Harris had to add another hot character, Alcide. This series is just getting better and better…but is still not perfect.

The Good
I think Harris is really hitting her stride with this book. This series started out a little rocky, but I find myself liking each book a little more. And in Club Dead, the characters really make this an enjoyable read. Sookie seems to finally find her own. She is a little stronger and a little wiser. But don’t worry, she is still ditsy and fun like always. She is starting to make friends and venturing out. I like this new Sookie.

Eric is still the same smartass, wiseacre (OMG, I haven’t used that word in years) vampire we have come to love. He never fails to lighten a scene and make me laugh nonstop. I also like that he is starting to show some feelings. I can actually see him truly caring for Sookie.

The new werewolf Alcide was a whole bunch of yummy. He is helping Eric and Sookie find Bill who is missing. Alcide takes Sookie to some creepy places in which she finds herself in compromising positions. I like the idea of him and Sookie together, though I don’t know if that’s in the cards. But he was a nice distraction for Sookie, especially since Bill is such an asshat. We finally see Bill’s true colors in this book. I think we all knew it was coming. I really don’t mind the direction Harris is taking Bill because I never really liked him.

The action, horror, mystery and humor were abundant. I never got bored. I was biting my nails as Harris built up the suspense to maddening levels. Club Dead was a great addition to the series.

The Bad
Though I think Sookie is heading in the right direction, she still acts a little too much like a dumb blond for my taste. Her reasoning can really boggle the mind.

Again, Harris’s writing style is not to my taste. Too much clothes descriptions AGAIN!

And the fact that all men fall over Sookie is getting a little ridiculous. She has three men after her and she is pretty much rubbing up on all of them.

The Snuggly
This is not a paranormal romance by any means but we do get some sexy scenes, just no sex. I will say this: Eric + Sookie = HOT!!! Even Alcide was a fun addition.

This book kept my attention the whole time. I loved the characters and the action was amazing. Club Dead wasn’t perfect but I think this series is getting better book by book. Recommended for sure.

Eric was holding my hands, and I was digging my nails into him like we were doing something else. He won’t mind, I thought, as I realized I’d drawn blood. And sure enough, he didn’t. “Let go,” he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. “No, not of me,” he said smiling. “You can hold on to me as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie. Let go. You need to drift away.”

It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy, and I retreated from the suffering and uncertainty of this strange place.


My eyes flew open, and I pushed back against rock-hard shoulders. I let out a little squeak of horror.

“It’s me,” said a familiar voice.

“Eric, what are you doing here?”


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8 Responses to “Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris”

  1. Elisa

    You are flying through these! Aren’t these early ones somemthing like a cozy paranormal mystery? It is fun to relive them through your reviews, they are great.

  2. meradeth

    I’ve been meaning to get to the rest of this series! I read the first one a while ago and have the books on my shelves, just haven’t had a chance to get to them. It’s good to know things do get a little better, too–the first book was a little random, though still fun 🙂

  3. Sarah Elizabeth

    I kinda liked this one too, but like you said – it’s not perfect. I have to say that I was quite taken with Alcide in this one, it’s difficult to choose between him and Eric though as they are both so yummy. Think Sookie would be much better off with one of these two rather than Bill.

  4. Sarah (saz101)


    Especially since everything Sookie wears, I’m like WTF? ARE YOU TWENTY-SOMETHING OR IN YOUR FORTIES? O__o

    I love-hated this book at the time. I loved Bill and Sookie… and then he went all asshole and bitey and rapey in the trunk and… Eric… in those boxer shorts and the sexy and the… OMFG. NEXT UP: BOOK 4. BEST OF THE LOT 😀

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I totally forget what book 4 is about. I can’t wait to read it again. And yeah, that trunk scene. *Shivers*

      Lucky for me I never liked Bill so the transition was easier.

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