Review: Champion of the Fey by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

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Champion of the Fey

Book #2 of the Champion of the Sidhe Series

by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Publisher: Ravynheart Publishing – Self-published (Nov 2011)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook (Novella – 22 pages)
Source: Review Request by Author
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 stars)

The fey are Fading. Extinction is inevitable. Lugh, one of the few fey to survive the Collapse, is already beginning to suffer the effects. Only a long shot quest to recover the artifacts might be able to restore the source of fey magic. And the first artifact Lugh seeks is dead in the heart of wizard territory. ~ Add on Goodreads
~Short Review~

At a Glance
Another great installment in this twisted sub-series, which is one/third of a super series. I like where these authors’ minds go because they simply don’t hold back.

The Good
I have to admit, Lugh was not my favorite character in this super series. He was arrogant in the first book, End of the World. But as his world collapsed by the fall of the fey mounds, I think his determination to bring life back to his race is admirable. Sure, he is still arrogant, but as this book proves, he has every right to be. He is working hard to find a way to stop his race from fading away by finding a way to restore fey magic. This book only hints to what is to come on his journey.

I was both appalled and excited while reading Champion of the Fey. Knowing the first artifact he needs is hidden in a seemingly average house, Lugh seduces the girl who dwells within. But this girl, Ariel, is more than what she seems. This house holds secrets, secrets even Lugh can’t help but wish he could unsee. But Lugh will fight anyone and anything, no matter how horrible, for his people.

I loved the slow build up. We start out all flirting and kissing and end up in a very dark place where humanity is obviously absent. The pictures Archer and Ravynheart created gave me the chills. And that’s why I enjoy these books so much. The authors’ descriptive writing style helps me picture each scene in great detail. It’s almost like magic. I get drawn into their stories so seamlessly that I never want to come up for air.

The Bad
I found nothing I disliked about this novella other than I always hate how short these books are because I just want to keep reading. This is more of a novelette than a novella.

The Snuggly
Not much snuggly here. Just some kissing and petting of a sinister nature.

I really recommend this book as well as the whole super series to urban fantasy lovers. It’s different. It has more grit and imagination than I have seen in a while. Very recommended.

Ariel unlocked the front door and guided the way inside. The atmosphere within weighed with a sickly familiar dread. As Lugh crossed into the entryway, nothing overtly proved the misgivings that tightened within his chest. Instinct and experience neither backed off their alarming presence, unconvinced by the cleanliness of the abode or the domestic touches of family pictures and fresh flowers. Not even the perfumed candle could disguise the underlying hint of rancid meat. Ariel closed the door behind them, the latch caught and locked automatically with the metallic clink of the tumblers. Her wide smile appeared quite feline in hunger and her eyes practically sparkled with undisguised eagerness.

Champion of the Sidhe Series
Book #1: End of the World
Book #2: Champion of the Fey
Book #3: Defender of Magic
Book #4: Protector of the Light

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