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Caressed by a Crimson Moon

Rulers of Darkness Series, #3

by Amanda J. Greene

Publisher: Self-Published (Jan. 2013)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook (388 pages)
Source: Author for Blog Tour
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Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

Consumed by madness and tormented by dark memories of blood and death, Hadrian Lucretius, King of the Validus Clan, has returned after living in self-imposed exile for nearly three hundred and fifty years.

To maintain peace with the vampires, Eva Maldonado is offered as a sacrifice to the crazed vampire king by her father, the alpha of the Silveria Shifter Pack. Hadrian’s reputation is both legendary and lethal; he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, lusty, and soulless. When Eva arrives at the ancient fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, she is shocked to find a ravaged man with dark burning eyes filled with loneliness and dangerous desire.

Would she be his lover…or his prey? His savior…or his victim? Would Hadrian lure her into madness or would their perilous passion be their redemption?

~Short Review~

At A Glance
I enjoyed reading Caressed by a Crimson Moon, I just wish more happened.

The Good
Let me start off by saying that I have not read the first two books of this series. I was a bit confused in the beginning and I didn’t fully understand some references from past happenings, but overall this can be a standalone book. So I wasn’t confused after things got going.

What drew me to this story was the idea of a woman, because of her half-breed shapeshifter status, is deemed so useless that she is given as a sacrifice to a scary and insane vampire. Pretty messed up. I just had to know what was going to happen next.

Eva has a pretty messed up life. Her family treats her like a slave or whipping boy (or girl as it were). Then they give her over to the vampires, who are in a war with the shapeshifters, to fulfill a stupid contract. When Eva meets the king, he is as crazy as legend says, but he is also sexy as hell. Eva is surprisingly strong for someone who has been beaten down so many times. She goes after what she wants and has no regrets. I think she handled Hadrian really well. She sees the the man behind the demon.

King Hadrian has dealt with madness for hundreds of year. His past sins will not leave him alone, literally. But when Eva walks through his door, he is stunned by the emotions she stirs within him. Hadrian was both frightening and endearing. He does everything in his power to keep her safe, even from him. Hadrian was a little too “woe is me” but he definitely grew on me. Who can blame the guy? I would be pretty stressed if I could kill the person I love at any second because of the demon in my head.

This is a very emotionally charged story. You so want the couple to realize that they love each other, but they continue to push each other apart thinking it is for the best. It makes you realize how important communication is. This is a character story through and through.

The Bad
This could have been an amazing book if there was a plot. But it’s my own fault because the blurb in no way proved inaccurate. It ended up being exactly what it says. Hadrian = tormented. Eva = sacrifice/new lover? That is the gist of the plot. Don’t expect much action or conflict except for Eva and Hadrian having an instant attraction, reasons for not being together, then finally figuring it all out. The End. And the little conflict/story that was thrown into the mix was never settled. No questions answered, no drama elaborated on. Just the introduction to potential side storylines and then we are cut off.

The Snuggly
Hotness for sure. I mean straight up yummy. If you are looking for a sizzling read with oh so thick sexual tension, this is the book for you. Caressed by a Crimson Moon is all about Eva and Hadrian and their smoking chemistry.

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for tortured characters who find solace in each other, then this is the book for you. The sex is smokin’ as well, can’t forget that. Recommended for those who love paranormal romance.

A cool hand clamped over her mouth, stifling her scream as she was hauled back. Eva fought for freedom, twisting around, she jabbed her elbow in her attacker’s side then kicked back, connecting with his shin. He growled in response and spun her about, trapping her with his body. His hands slammed into the wall, cracking the wood, on either side of her head.

“Little girls should not wander alone in the dark.” She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. His voice, it was dark, threatening–pure sex. He leaned his head down, his lips brushed her ear and, God help her, she shivered. Whether it was from fear or something entirely sexual, she did not know.

Rulers of Darkness Series:
Book #1: Caressed by Moonlight
Book #2: Caressed by Night
Book #3: Caressed by a Crimson Moon

Author Bio

When she is not writing, she can found playing the role of a full time university student who works part time. She lives in Southern California with her very supportive husband and their sweet cocker spaniel. Doing all the above and being a military wife is not easy, but rewarding! Of course, she accomplishes everything with a strong cup of coffee in her hand.

Author Links: Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook


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  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    Have to say that I like a sizzling read every now and then!

    You won the giveaway on my blog for a copy of ‘the charmed’, I tried emailing you but I keep getting a ‘failed delivery’ message. Do you have a different email address I can try?

  2. Jaclyn Canada

    I can’t imagine being given to a crazy vampire because your family thinks you are worthless. That’s worse that the princesses/princes that had to marry to further political agenda (that just brought Ever After to mind). The cover does look pretty smokin’ so I bet that was no weak point. Great review 🙂 Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven

  3. Elisa

    This sounds like a fun one when I am looking for that delicious tension stuff. 🙂 I will have to put this on my list.

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