Review: Burn by Erin McCarthy

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Review: Burn by Erin McCarthyBurn by Erin McCarthy
Series: South Beach Bodyguards #1
Publisher: Self-Published on January 5, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: Novel Length
Format: eBook
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Rating: two-stars
Heat: three-flames

When bodyguard Ryan Harris finds an intruder in his apartment, he’s shocked to realize it’s his former stepsister, Isabel Rodriguez. Naked. In his shower. Estranged from his father, he’s only met Isabel a few times, but he’s seen enough to be distracted and unnerved by how gorgeous she is wet and two feet away from him. And did he mention naked? But Isabel insists her name is Julia. It’s either a con or a case of amnesia. Either way, he can’t lay a hand on his stepsister… or can he? The rules have never stopped him before and they’re not about to now.

Isabel doesn’t know how she got into her stepbrother Ryan’s apartment, or that they’re related. She only knows that she feels safe with him. Not to mention very sexy given the way he looks at her. Determined to be underneath that rock solid body, she can’t seem to keep her clothes on around him, even when he tries to resist. When Ryan gives in to the sexual tension between them, there will be no forgetting this steamy night of passion.

No one knows why she’s lost her memory, but she can ignore the uncomfortable reality when she’s protected by Ryan and his hot-blooded strength. But when her memories come crashing back in, will the waves drown out stepbrother Ryan’s deepening feelings for her?

For fans of hot alpha heroes, bestselling author Erin McCarthy introduces her new series, SOUTH BEACH BODYGUARDS. In a city synonymous with sexy, the hot men of Miami Security will always protect your back with very personal one-on-one attention…

At A Glance

Just barely tolerable.

The Good

I gotta admit, Isabel randomly ending up naked at Ryan’s, her stepbrother (they barely even know each other so it’s not icky or anything), apartment was interesting at first. I mean, it’s fun, flirty, and scandalous! Isabel was a lot more fun as Julia, her drunk/amnesia persona. No inhibition and hilariously forward. Reading about Ryan’s struggle not to pound her on every surface was a riot.

The author had me reading until the end to see how Isabel ended up with amnesia. I like a good mystery.

The Bad

The whole premise of the book just wasn’t good enough for me. It all felt surface. The reason Isabel ended up at Ryan’s apartment was just fucking stupid!

The pacing was slow for the most part. I wanted some real progress.

Isabel chased Ryan the whole time which sucked. It made me feel embarrassed for Isabel and annoyed with Ryan because he was a jerk about the whole thing. Talk about making a girl feel unwanted.

My biggest problem is that there was no depth in Burn. The character’s were one dimensional and the world had no realness to it.

The Snuggly

The sex was good. Nothing amazing but hot enough to get my engine rev. 🙂

Final Thoughts

I love Erin McCarthy but this is her worst work. I only finished this book because I was genuinely interested to see the mystery unravel. But the rest was pretty bad. Not recommended.


“I knew that by this time tomorrow, I was going to be eternally grateful for falling down the stairs and knocking myself unconscious. Smartest dumbest thing I’d ever done.”  


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    • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

      I’ve liked her books before, but this one fell way short.

  1. Olivia Roach

    I think this isn’t going to be one for me. It just seems like the mystery is what kept you reading, but then the reasoning for some things turned out to be kind of ridiculous, which leaves us with a superficial sounding story…

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