Review: At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey

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Review: At Any Price by Brenna AubreyAt Any Price by Brenna Aubrey
Publisher: Silver Griffon Associates on December 9, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: Novel Length
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-half-stars

Achievement Unlocked: Geek Virgin

When Mia Strong, proud geek-girl and popular gaming blogger, auctions off her virginity online, she knows she'll make waves. But what she will not be making is a love connection. Her rules are set in stone: One night. No further contact.

It's a desperate step, but it's the only way she can go to medical school and pay her mother's mounting hospital bills.

Difficulty Level: Millionaire CEO

Adam Drake, the enigmatic auction winner, is a software prodigy who made his first million at seventeen. Now, in his mid-twenties, he's sexy, driven and--as CEO of his own gaming company--he's used to making the rules. Before Mia knows what's happening, he's found the loophole in the rules of her auction. Every stipulation she's made to protect her heart gets tossed by the wayside.

She can't tell if he's playing her...or if he's playing for keeps.

At A Glance

Love a good gamer romance, but I expected more maturity out of the characters.

The Good

I really had fun with At Any Price. The concept was interesting. Mia is so not the type to want to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, which is probably why the story is so intriguing. It’s all about the finances in her mind, but I loved how she slowly became the wanton one. Her engine was well lubed and roaring to go, but it was Adam who held back. Why he held back is kind of the secret to the whole book, so no soup for you this time. You have to read it to find out. But the push and pull between them was hilarious and heartbreaking. These two get in their own way so much, but I guess that’s what amps up the drama.

The gaming aspect was cool. Mia is a gamer blogger, so I think a lot of bloggers can relate to her in some way. I love how Mia and Adam totally geeked out with each other while discussing gaming and other nerdy endeavors.

I was surprised by how much feels I got with this one. The inner turmoil for both characters is easily understandable but still so frustrating and sad. You just want Mia and Adam to REALLY talk about things but both are hesitant in opening themselves up in that way. But it all worked out in the end.

The Bad

Near the end, both the characters kind of became dicks. Mia pushes Adam away for NO LOGICAL REASON and Adam treats his work better than he treats Mia.

The whole dragging out the sex thing got old real quick. I expected more passion out of this book.

The Snuggly

When the sex finally happens (Dear God, that took forever!) it was just okay. I expected more from these two but one or the other seemed to ruin the moment every time. I wish I could have enjoyed the snuggly more.

Final Thoughts

I think I would give the second book of this series a shot. At Any Price wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed the story and concept. Recommended.


This love had cost me more than three quarters of a million dollars. It had cost me my heart. And there was no buying it back–at any price. It belonged to him. Forever.


“He was astonished to discover that I actually preferred the Special Edition version of the original Star Wars trilogy. He shook his head, eyes widened in mock horror. “I can’t even—” “Oh c’mon. Three words: better special effects.” His expression grew dead serious. “Three words: Greedo shoots first.” I grimaced. “Okay, you have a point there, but I’m not going to change my mind just because of that one little thing—” “One little thing?!” His mouth dropped. “That one moment changed the entire characterization of Han Solo.”  


“I already told you I’d rather not know him. I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. It’s not a romantic act for me – just a bit of skin. I have no emotional attachment to it. It’s high time I lost it. This way, I can move on with my life with a nice fat bank account.”


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28 Responses to “Review: At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey”

  1. Red Iza

    Looks like the beginning was better than the end. Sometimes, you just wonder why there has to be a misunderstanding or a big bump on the road between both main characters, it feels forced. Maybe the next book in the series will be a total winner 😉

  2. Jaclyn Canada

    With the characters being so nerdy and enjoying those discussions…I bet their dialogue was fun to read. I love that they are relatable as well. Happy you enjoyed it 😀

  3. Braine Talk Supe

    What is up with these virgins? Although I admire her ingenuity, at least make some money out of it eh? Too bad the big kaboom was a little underwhelming, with all the hype around her pending cherry popping I expect it to be mind blowing.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I have a plugin that posts your comment without reloading the page, so you won’t see your comment unless you reload the page. But there should be a notification on top of the page saying your comment was posted.

  4. Alreem

    I really needs to read something for Abbi, I heard lots of good thing about her books 🙂 what do you suggesit I start with?

  5. Molly Mortensen

    The sounds like a strange premise. I’m glad it was humorous and it’s nice that he wasn’t just in it for the sex. That’s sad that the characters changed at the end. Probably the author wanted more drama. *sigh* lol I loved that Star Wars geek out moment!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      They has so many awesome geek moments, that was only one!

      Yeah, I think the push for more drama messed it up a bit.

  6. lily

    I always hate it when authors decide to add in some drama so they “change” their characters at the end. Not my favourite thing but i’m glad it didn’t deter you from the book.

  7. Giselle

    This sounds like a fun read and I love books that have humor mixed in with the romance, too. And the whole game concept is something I’d def enjoy! Great review, Jennifer! 🙂

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, yeah, unless you are a gamer or like drama filled romance, I wouldn’t suggest this one to you.

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