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End of the World

Book #1 of the Champion of the Sidhe Series

by S.A. Archer

Publisher: Ravynheart Publishing (Self-Published) (October 2011)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: eBook (Short Story)
Source: Author Review Request (Blog Tour)
Purchase at: Amazon
Rating: ★★★½(3.5 stars)

The day Lugh, Champion of the Sidhe, has long fought for finally manifests; all Sidhe unified under one Court. No more Light versus Dark. No more wars. Brothers, one and all. But on the day that should be celebrated as their greatest triumph, treachery brings his world crashing down, literally. Now if he can’t find a way to stop it no fey will survive.

The Good
After reading Jhaer’s story in Aftershock, book one of the Rise of the Unseelie series, I had to read this book to see the other side of the story. In End of the World, we get to see what happens to Lugh as the fey Mounds fall. And boy, was is heartbreaking.

For those who don’t know, Archer has created three interlacing series that focus on different characters that live in the same world. All series, Touched, Rise of the Unseelie, and Champion of the Sidhe, interconnect somehow to create an amazing super series.

This series  and book focuses on Lugh and his adventures after the fall of his beloved fey mounds. Lugh has spent his entire life protecting the Sidhe. And when a battle between Seelie and Unseelie begins to brew, Lugh is willing to do anything to defend his territory and people. Especially when something threatens to stop the attempt at unifying the two sides of Sidhe. But after a murder of a very important fey, things begin to unravel.   

Lugh has this sense of entitlement that I actually find attractive in a character. He is so completely sure of himself that when something doesn’t go his way he kind of crumbles. But you can’t really blame the guy since the fey race is in grave danger of fading after the horrible events proceeding the fall of the fey mounds, the fey’s home and magic source.

I love the direction this series is going. Lugh has already formed a plan of action to save his people and I can only guess what sort of obstacles he is going to face.

The tale about how the mounds were created really intrigued me, and I can’t wait to see how Lugh is going to fix the mess his people are in. Expect action, a fast-paced plot, and oodles of drama in this read.

The Bad
There was nothing wrong with this story. I just found it too short to thoroughly enjoy. I don’t mind short reads, but not enough happened in this book for me to really get into it. So far, I like the other two series a lot more, but then again, this is only book one of this series so I am hoping for something substantial for book two.

The Snuggly
No snuggly or romance in this book. Just action and heartbreak, which can be just as fun if you’re sadistic like me. 🙂

I really did enjoy this story, I just found the beginning of the other two series a little more interesting. This is a fun little story that will leave you wanting more. I can already see Lugh being a very entertaining character. A recommended read.

Heart pounding, he used the handrail to catapult himself as he raced up the long, curving stairwell to the second level. No one need tell him where to find the All-Mother. All fey connected to the Mounds possessed a sense of her. No guards manned the watch outside the throne chamber. No bodies strewn about to explain their absence. No blood. No dropped weapons. Fear for friends and lovers kindled behind the greater dread that brought him to a sliding stop on the dust-covered floor just inside the chamber.
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  1. BookAttict

    I love the incredible world building skills — when UF is well-done, the writing is absolutely beautiful!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  2. Chantaal

    In a really great UF series, it’s always the world building and different takes on paranormal lore (vampires, werewolves, fae, etc) that make something stand out for me.

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