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Summer Series #2

by C.J. Duggan

Publisher: Self-Published (July 11, 2013)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Young Adult
Format: eARC (311 pages)
Source: Free book from blog tour host for honest review
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: ★★★½☆ ( 3.5 stars)

Sean looked out over the lake, squinting against the sunlight. He turned to me, his expression sobering as his eyes flicked over my face in a silent study.

“Come on Amy, I saved you once, I’ll save you again.”
I met his stare unflinchingly. “I don’t need saving.”
A wicked grin formed slowly. “Don’t you?”

After a rebellious summer night that almost claimed her life, Amy Henderson – the Onslow publican’s only daughter – is sent away to suffer a fate far worse than any other punishment:

Boarding School.

Three years on, a now nineteen-year-old Amy returns to Onslow for the summer. What once was a cauldron of activity with live bands, hot meals and cold beers, the Onslow Hotel now lies dark, deserted and depressing. All fond childhood memories of loitering on the hotel stairs and eavesdropping on customers’ colourful conversations are in the distant past.

How had her dad let it come to this?

With the new threat of putting the Onslow up for sale, Amy reluctantly turns to a local tradesman for help: Sean Murphy, the very same Onslow boy who saved her life all those years ago. With his help and that of some old friends, the task is clear: spend the summer building the hotel back up to its former glory or lose it for good.

In an endless summer, Amy soon realises that sometimes in order to save your future, you have to face your past, even if it’s in the form of a smug, gorgeous Onslow boy.

At A Glance
Though I gave both Summer books 3.5 stars, I did like The Boys of Summer (book one) a little more than An Endless Summer. However, I think a lot of people will adore this book to death. So cute, so drama filled.

The Good
You looking for a fun summer read? You have found the perfect series and book. An Endless Summer had quite a bit more drama than The Boys of Summer, which was a nice change up. The old gang is back and they are on a mission to rebuild the Onslow to it’s former glory. It has been neglected for years but the memories of hot summer nights, cold beer, and good times still resonate with the gang, especially for Amy since she’s been gone for 3 years. But Amy gets more than she bargained for when she reluctantly accepts Sean’s help in fixing the Onslow. Because Sean may have a reputation as a lady’s man, but now his sights are set solely on Amy.

I loved having the crew back together. It was so heart warming to see them band together to help Amy with the disastrous state that the Onslow had been left in. I got the butterflies as Sean helped Amy in every way possible. Even with his cocky attitude, smug smile, and women chasing ways, you can tell Sean is a stand up guy. He has grown up a lot since The Boys of Summer. He has a great job and bought an amazing lakefront house. And…and with his job he’s become extremely good with his hands. 😉 Come on, ladies, did you not just get all tingly? I don’t know how any girl could resist him. Boy, but Amy sure did.

Amy has changed somewhat but is still that stubborn, snippy young girl from The Boys of Summer. But she is also so determined and strong. Her anger at the whole situation with her dad’s business could come off as bitchy, but she really is a sweet under all that though exterior. She does get humbled many a time when Sean pushes back. I think Amy needed that. Someone to take control and not let her get away with too much crap. But really, you couldn’t blame her too much for her attitude because she has some pretty messed up parents. I may be the only one, but I REALLY disliked her parents. I could see how Amy came off spoiled, but her parents were extremely spoiled and rude. Her mom obviously doesn’t care about her daughter that much, she cares only about money. And her dad let’s himself get railroaded by his wife, to the point of misery.

The story and plot kept me interested the whole way through. It was hard to see the Onslow in such a sad state and was so excited to see it being fixed up. I was heartbroken when not all went the way I’d hoped. Amy and I had to learn the hard way that even with hard work and amazing friends, you still don’t always get what you want. But I think C.J. did have it all end in a pleasant way. An Endless Summer is both romantic and frustrating, inspirational and depressing, fun and serious. It was a great combination.

The Bad
There is nothing really bad with this book. I just think that I wasn’t as enthralled with the story as I hoped.

Amy got on my nerves a lot. She was so stubborn to the point that I wanted to slap her. She spent so much time playing with Sean instead of exploring her feelings. I just wanted to yell, “Get over yourself, Amy.”

The Snuggly
The romance was slow. It really took forever for Amy and Sean to get together. But the slow ride was worth the wait. Amy and Sean are awesome together. Amy doesn’t let Sean push her too much and Sean doesn’t let Amy play too many games. They keep each other in check.

There is a sex scene with minimal detail.

Final Thoughts
I would recommend this book to almost everyone. Even though I wish I loved it more, I think the majority of readers will fall head over heels. It was nice to see Sean get his HEA. Get this book now before the summer ends. Very recommended.

“Just saying. Nobody puts my piranha in the corner”  

“Mmm, I overheard some horny housewives in the supermarket, and apparently you, Mr. Murphy, can leave your drill piece under their pillow any day of the week.”

“I can’t exactly walk the publican’s daughter home.”
“You can always walk me to my bedroom.”

“I understand why you’re spoilt within an inch of your life.” I frowned puzzled. “Who could help but want to give you the world.”

Author Bio
C.J Duggan is an Australian author who lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales, Australia.
The Boys of Summer is Book One in her Mature Young Adult Romance Series.


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10 Responses to “Review: An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan (Blog Tour & Giveaway)”

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    So glad I am not the only one who wants to slap characters. I love strong characters but sometimes they are too stubborn and like you it grates on my nerves. This sounds cute:)

  2. Elisa

    ahhh, that sounds cute and fun. Perfect for reading in the pool 🙂 thanks for the rec Jennifer! 🙂

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    You really do make this sound like a perfect summer read. The characters seem like they are easy to get attached to as well. The, “Get over yourself, Amy” part was hilarious. Great review! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I get easily irritated with characters. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it’s just hard to agree with them sometimes. But in the end , messed up characters make reading fun.

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